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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2003
From: VanityPress
continuing the conversation

I could not agree with you (Sabrina) more about everything you have mentioned. There are few things would be worth pointing out regarding mainstream media and its role in shaping public opinion as to how most Americans view recent events and feel about Arab-Israeli conflict.

Most Americans get their daily dose of news coverage from fragmented news outlets which deliver their news in the form of sound bites and MTV type video clips devoid of tangible substance and context. It is important to point out that these news outlets owned by two or three major media conglomerates and they are all engage in similar type of new coverage which is often one sided. Their constant barrage of one-sided reporting not only becomes a sensory overload but also makes one completely impervious to the other side of the story or the opposing views which often times get pushed aside or deliberately suppressed.

Consequently, one is left with one-sided and biased news coverage augmented by the sycophant talking-heads. This creates a gap between the event and the actual cause which transpires the event. And because of this disconnect people become quite susceptible to the cause-and-action spin put forth by the government which has its own agenda to advance. Thus, never really knowing the underlying reason, the general public rally behind their leader like a herd of sheep following its Shepard. The case in point is the current crisis (or the whole middle-east crisis for that matter) and the majority of the population supporting the government’s action, whereas an overwhelming majority of the Europeans opposing the US government’s undertaking. Makes you wonder who’s got it right and who’s got it wrong.

As for the anti-Islam sentiment that’s been permeating through the American society, let’s not forget about those who are really responsible for hijacking a great religion and using it to justify their horrific act, which played right into the hands of those right-wing politicians and commentators (so called pundits) who have been actively looking for a reason to preemption. Although there are many other factors which have culminated in the invasion of Iraq, that single event gave them the perfect ploy to shore up support in their favor.

Hmm, my optimism! Shall I say, I’m always an optimist. My optimism stems from the fact that no matter how invincible and how monstrous the imposing force could be, it can never suppress the human spirit. Given the rich history and great civilization of that region which helped shape the rest of the world, I just couldn’t see myself being anything else but an optimist.

Note: Don’t know why I couldn’t post in the main thread.

People Discussion
(Wednesday, March 26, 2003)

Wow..I don't say I agree with all these, still...I'd like to say - its terrific..!!.. and there's no doubt, it's 1000% better than Dr. Sabrina's blind views..I guess, blind-folded by borka...

(Thursday, March 27, 2003)

Hey Romeo, thanks.

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