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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, March 24, 2003
From: Sabrina
continuing the conversation ...

I can't stand the parochial right wing commentators and the self-righteous media defending the administration and perpetuating myths and lies abt the Islamic world ... in fact they are fanning the flames of Islamophobia albeit very discreetly ... ordinary americans are ignorant and paranoid abt Islam, willing to see it as the new communism ... vanity ... u seem very optimistic ... and I do feel and hope that the excessive and disgusting lack of proportion in this war will eventually see the undoing of the so called benevoent forces ... hope UN, states and stateheads will take a similar determined stance, like the one they have exelplified against the war, and the Muslim world will stop lip-servicing for the cause of the Palestinian people, but take matters into our own hands and use this momentum to galvanize and participate to put an end to the insidious stealthy genocide in Palestine, and help them defend their homeland with necessary logistics, not discreetly, but openly ... Allah helps those who help themselves ... why wait around till 2005 for US to determine the fate of Palestine? ... I hope the present administration will not turn a blind eye, but express the same level of impatience with the persistent refusal of Israel to comply with the UN, as they have been with Saddam's refusal to disarm violating UN resolution for the past 12 years ... after all Israel has been violating resolution 242 for 30 years now.

People Discussion
(Monday, March 24, 2003)


(Monday, March 24, 2003)

I doubt 2005 will make substantial progress on the palestine issue. The hardcore right-wingers in Israel, Palestenian terrorist groups and the Israel sympathetic conservative right-wing in US have an interestingly symbiotic relationship. They all feed off each others' actions and has caused the palestine administration and citizens unlimited grief. Suicide bomber kills Israeli civilians -> Right wingers gain power in Israel and continue settlement -> Hardcore Conservatives gain momentum and lobby against Palestine in US.

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