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Thursday, June 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, March 19, 2003
From: shaurav

Does It exist?

I used to love a girl, I really can't express how much but i know inside myself that i did it and of course sincerely.I can say now that never will I be able to love someone the same way, with the same pation and patience.I think that's one of the most precious experience in my life though ended in vain, as i learnt a lot about a specific part of life practically.Let me explain,

My existance among friends and family, my overall performance in life obliged me to think myself a hero in my world around. Obviously that helped me to hold a dream of get a so beautiful accomplished girl beside me as my girlfriend or somewhat like that what most boys in our country do. But , she wasn't so beautiful, in fact, nothing was inside her so attractive to make a high-ambitious boy like me to get to love her, but still i did!My friends asked me to quit, telling me you will get a better one(What is to be better one, what's gonna be the parameters, I still don't agree with my own mind).But that affected my love someway, I started thinking , is she really a beutifullady or ever she is gonna be to. But still I couldn't stop loving her, I couldn't help me not seeing her a single day. but all those conflicts kept me from proposing her.

She knew well about my attitude and feelings but never showed her emotion explicitly.Still I knew that she will love me, but I couldn't say her.Things got bored in time.

One day, my friend ,an acquantance of her gave me a shocking news,My beloved girl had her right side of body burnt out of fire.That became the final touch,

1)I avoided all the situation silently
2)I felt releived to be freed from the long continuing confliction in my
3)I fell in love with another extremely beautiful girl.

But I couldn't forget her, I couldn't continuelove with anybody else regardless how perfectly she matched my dreams.

Still, I don't know then why I couldn't approach her, was it love?or anything?If it's not love, I am sure there had nothing been inside me like the so-called love inside me,because I can't overcome that threshold.I understand and hence beleive human beings hunger, shame, sexual urge, happiness,sorrow because I am sure I have that inside me. But how can I beleive There is love in the world when I find nothing like that inside me?

( The girl played a game with, she was sure about my pure love and played a cruel & stupid game to test my love,she had no such accident, just had admitted to the hospital for a kind of flu.That did all, an unsuccessful love, a bitter self-realization and so on.....

She got married in 1998, now in some foreign country...
I hope, she found love inside her!!![Though I don't beleive!!!])

*** its not my story but i picked it from some bulletin board and i just wanted to share with u people.

People Discussion
(Thursday, March 20, 2003)

What the author expressed here is infatuation, not love. When you LOVE a person you accept the good and bad things with him/her. It is impossible to do that without even getting to know the person. Plus love is well tested when issues of sacrifice comes into play. Neither criteria were saitsfied here. So the answer to the question is yeah sure, Love exists in many shape and forms! But it surely didnt existed in this scenario!


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