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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, March 10, 2003
From: Sb
Answers to "A questionnaire "

1. talk
2. legs
3. a twenty dollar bill
4. firetruck
5. bunt, hunt, runt, punt, aunt
6. pants
7. fork
8. Almond Joy candy bar
9. grit
10. last name

By the way what was all the fuss about

People Discussion
(Tuesday, March 11, 2003)

(Tuesday, March 11, 2003)

tore diya kisu hoibo re bolod...tor upor amaar onek asha-bhorsha....

(Tuesday, March 11, 2003)

smart boyyyy sb...i had a feeling that ur gonna ans like this not other way arond....and my feeling was right..eventhough i was surprised to read the other posting..

(Tuesday, March 11, 2003)

Mora: eke tho cpoy paste korchosh question r answer..tar upor abar kosh fuss kiser!
Tor motho morar mathay kharap boi bhalo kichu achilo kobe?
There is the biggest FUSS!

(Tuesday, March 11, 2003)

mora..... amar mathay bhalo kisu thakle ki tore amar piriti banai?

laizu jeee thanx.. ek matro apni e amare chinlen....

aunto... tore dia ki adou kisu hoibo?

(Wednesday, March 12, 2003)

Pichchi bro.....laizu'r feelings er moddhe kemon romantic gondho paitachhi...
Aar ei jonno tumio khub khushi....
Valo...valo...chalaia jao aarki..

(Wednesday, March 12, 2003)

Pichchi bro.....laizu'r feelings er moddhe kemon romantic gondho paitachhi>>>>net.....ajaira kotha bolbe na...

(Wednesday, March 12, 2003)

laizu jee aha... cheten keno..

net mojnu dar ekto naak e problem ache ...shobkhanei oni romantisicm er gondho pan.. even "rest room" eo!

(Wednesday, March 12, 2003)


(Wednesday, March 12, 2003)

thik bolecho sb..

(Thursday, March 13, 2003)

Rest room e romanticism er gondho..!!
Pichchi bro...eta tomar darai somvob..sejonnei tomar mathaey esechhe..!!
Anyway, aami asole laizu ke tease korar jonne ota bolechhilam...laizu ke tease korar moddhe ekta moja aachhe - kemon pach bochhure balika'r moto chete uthe..

(Thursday, March 13, 2003)

~~Sb~~..amaar dara aar kisu na hok....tore ek ta bhatija dite paarbo...khelna hishabe

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