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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, June 05, 2001
From: observersoul

(again that shi-t s .. megh to forgive me )

To slap shagor u referred (slapped) to Konka and mayaboti. True u getting educated in one of the greatest universities in usa ( you r just another prince dipendra..utilising BD money to groom up to b not worth for BD society )

u c chat as just a virtual world ? then why do u resort to exposing that u r hooked (LIKE AAMI KOLA KHAINI )? what r u anxious about ? why do need to add spieces like bhaia da dada in addressing someone in virtual world? those r real life word ... not americans do use but the subcontinental ppl .. these embeds a sense of emotional touch. that means u care this world to b a contemporary real world too.

the fact is ur brain has become a depot of dubiousness.. u r conflicting with u rself .. a kinda cheat with own personality.

u dont talk big .. but the prob is u dont talk according to expected maturity either. remember u r a a student of a university and one of the GREATEST university in USA .. show up ur self commensurated to that.

People Discussion
(Tuesday, June 05, 2001)


honey who are you?

(Tuesday, June 05, 2001)

who the hell you are to interfere between us?

(Tuesday, June 05, 2001)

I wish,I could make a website and chat place ,so that I can get a free servant like you.

(Tuesday, June 05, 2001)

( )
\/_ _ _
|| |\
|| | \
||-----| \

(Tuesday, June 05, 2001)

Shybal thought Observersoul is Bipasha!! ha ha ha ha! Shybal, I feel sorry for you bhaia! May be this is time you go to a Doctor to get out of "Bipasha fobia"!! hey Girl bipasha, you really are smart!! You are gone, but your ghoest is still hunting a man with whom you just had some fun!! ha ha ha!

and april, see you don't have to develop own website or chat place to get a free servent, you already have atleast one ( shybal!, sorry bhaia, but you did sound like that!!). all the best with him, april!!

(Tuesday, June 05, 2001)

konkaboti, u want me to open my shitty mouth once again. don't think so!!!!!!!!!!!

i just offended 'caz of "observersouls" cowardness n madness. why the hell did she/he pointed at april only?where there r 2 persons r the victim in this circumstances through hih/her shitty eyes, lota apu. would u mind to answer me? i know u don't 've the answer. 'caz u ppl wanna discriminate another ppl for nothin'. ohhhhhh!!!!!!! yeah..... i did offend 'caz of my bandutto. however, that asshole(observersoul"u mentioned obser as a male") had dared to talk abt meghs ass but april.

shorna apu, don't ya feel shame at her what she did in front of u? weren't u the wintness of bipashas madness? u know what, u r just...... ami tomaka disrespectly kishu bolta chai na(sorry).

****** 'll look forward, lota apu n rest of ya alllllll

(Tuesday, June 05, 2001)

one more thin', i would do the same thin' for u, lota apu what did i do for april. 'caz i'm the stupid asshole who never wanaa see his family/friends/relatives bein' insult through road dogs!!!!!!!! (just remind it n 'll be there for u, apu)

cactus of-morubhumi
(Wednesday, June 06, 2001)

that not a good one from you aapu. and april. and to all friends in B,B please .aagune petrol deua bondho korun, ete puro b2k jole pure jabe. ja keu chay na. aaj bujte parchi keno Hasina er Khaleda sob somoy lege thake.

(Thursday, June 07, 2001)

u erased my one of another message in this page.....why? what r u up to, bloddy admin n what really r u tryin' to prove? bein' delate my messages doesn't mean..... shybal's an indecent/jerk n bla bla but u proved uself the biggest jerk/asshole to take away my freedom

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