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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, March 07, 2003
From: Ruhy
Some facts....................!

Boys and girls ladies and gents we all demand of knowing what love is but not all the time we understand it or react on it appropriately. thats not a bad thing its good, because we learn from mistakes. mistakes helps us to stand up for ourselves. Love is somethin u can not put ya finger on and somethin u have no control over. it is said to be sent from heaven but in todays society we lack of true love! but still we can not blame anyone for loving us or not loving us. u can not force someone to love u or not to love u. it doesnt work in our way and we have to accept that. we are humans and we r expected to make mistakes or shud be expected! well doh! we are humans and thats wot makes us humans. below are briefly stated some facts of love lifes! (no offence made!)

* Love can make u behave like a buffoon
*putting on air and graces can cause backfire
*one gal or one lad rejecting u doesnt mean u suddenly become unfanciable!
*Everyone deserves a second chance
*lads act like a jerk when other lads are around
*lads will often confide their innermost feelings to just one good mate.
*Going out with someone else to make ya loved one jealous is bound to backfire!
*Lads will flirt with anyone just to boost their ego
*Girls arent only ones to let love turn them daft
*Boys will often let you know how they feel about you through indirect means
*Being popular with the other sex doesnt necessarily mean u understand them
*A woman scorned is likely to be very nasty indeed
*Bad deeds come back to
haunt u
*As soon as u start to feel confident, you become instanly more attractive to the opposite sex

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(Saturday, March 08, 2003)

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