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Friday, August 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, March 06, 2003
From: keui-noy
````!!!!```` A moment with yaaaaa ````!!!!````

lately yaaa 've been askin' "if all my words rrrrr true(naa tumi boloniiii,tumi bolta paro na....jokhon-e kusha ashoo nishargo vhula jao nn haraoo noshto chelar majha)".....don't yaa know 'll do anythin' nnnnn know sometimes I haven't been good atttt nnn made ya cryyyy!!!!

when the bluuuuue night is over my face on the daaaaark side of the world in space.....nnn I 'm all alone with the stars above, yaaaa rrrr the one I love(so there's no need to worry girl nnnnn my heart is sealed for yaa, pocha meye) nnn no one's gonna take it away caz I prooomised

justttt know thattttt urrrrrrrr voice is callin' me, to meee in my dreams, indeed.......nnn my loves stronger than itsss ever been!!!!!!.......

kintu -----------------------------------------------------------

People Discussion
(Thursday, March 06, 2003)

hmmmm keui keui janta chayacha "kaka uddessho kora amarrr eiii bicharon".....answer holoo khub simple "amii ekjoner protima ghorashi n taka shumna niya amarrr eshob anuvhuti".......

(Thursday, March 06, 2003)

-----------------------------------------------------!!!!!!!!tomake pashe rekhe,bb te time nosto korar manei hoina
kintu---------------------------------------------tumi pocha

(Thursday, March 06, 2003)


(Thursday, March 06, 2003)

hmmm.....protima gorecho...ta bhai protimata k????

(Thursday, March 06, 2003)

Protima tokhono gora hoi jokhon take bastobik paoya sombhob noy.Ar sei protimar chorone arpon kora hoi shodhdha mishtrito onjoli.Kintu......tomar sei jon jodi thake ae dhoronir pore tahole keno take gora protimar cchole

(Thursday, March 06, 2003)


(Friday, March 07, 2003)

hey stranger keui-noy dis is me Jhumur again dis is quite lovely too i just want to know where do you get this type of think i assume dis is for your love but i do not understand the kintu part
you probably thought me a lousy forum member who keep asking to be your frd you know i got your add from a forum member & sent mails & those came back to me keui-noy w,d you care to write me something in the forum room
ba bye keui-noy ba bye every member of bangla2000 forum

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