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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, June 05, 2001
From: bd_KonkaBoti
It's like a Mirror: megh & april

~~Anindoloke mongol aaloke birajo shotto shundoro!!~~

etto hesho na megh! mukhe poka dhukye jaabe!!!:P

ekdin ekjon manush bolchilo: eei roomta (b2K chat room) holo mirror er moto. ekhane tumi ja koro, taai dekho! taar shathey kontho miliye aami-o aaj bolte chai, ekhane tumi jemon manush, tumi onnoke ja daaow, tumi taai paaow. If you are a cheat, you get cheated here. If you are true, you get true friends here. And what's wrong if I get a true friend here, in net?? Why do you guys, megh & rifat, think that it's wrong to look for true friends in net?? I got the best friend for my life, from this b2k chat!! what's wrong with that?? Do you think he is less sincere then one you got from real life?? huh!!

and it's not bad just to have some fun in net either. But the point is, if some one want to have fun, he/she should also have guts to accept when others want to have fun! Eventually it's nothing but a Mirror. You have the right to choose what you want from chat rooms, but you have no right to hurt others feelings, especially you rifat yet to learn that no matter from where you are taking your degree! You can't compare yourself with someone else rifat, when you have no much idea about what and who they are!! If you didn’t learn that despite having biggg degrees from hell or heaven, you still have to learn that. Watch out rifat and megh you too, when you throw a stone to some one , you better get ready for getting that stone back! It's not wise to consider yourself the toughest person of the Universe!

aarree Oi Shgaor, tomaare je aami prem bhalobashar kotha boltam, seta tho konodi kheyal-i korini !!!!!..ha ha ha!!

People Discussion
cactus of-morubhumi
(Tuesday, June 05, 2001)

Boro sotty abong sundor lekha eta aapu. chat room e nam bodle porichy bodle protidin onek ei aase kintu amar kichu bondhu aache jake protidin aami chat room a dekhi
2 din na elei mail kore ki jante chay kemon aachoo ittadi ittady. emon ki aami onek valo advice o peychi jibn ebong vobissoter bapare chat room ei ek bondhur kach hote.
like you said aapu you got your true friend from b2k chat room. for me ya I also get my best Friend from b2k room. he care about me give me good advice and shear my joy and pain. so I agree with you aapu you can find true friend
in net if you are truly looking for a friend. thank's aapu for the nice Bulletin. I think this is bulletin of the year in b2k.

(Tuesday, June 05, 2001)

Well I accept that chat is mirror.But I don't think my look is bad so that my mirror looks get bad.Can you point my anything that is bad,that I do?Did I ever use bad words?Did I say anything bad to anybody?I never tried or think to get true friends on chat.Since I see it as virtual,there is noting here for me to be a cheater or to be a very honest person.I don't have any problem to say what I am.And I think,you know better that I have enough guts to accept others fun.Don't you?

cactus of-morubhumi
(Tuesday, June 05, 2001)

hay I make 1 think clear . ei jogray mane Shagor .. april
er jograr bapare aami kichu jani na abong amar montobbo jogra bishoy a noy
aami shudhu konka aapur ekta kotha ke suport korechi ta holo you can find tru friend in chat room. that all.

(Tuesday, June 05, 2001)

i agree with you CActus

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