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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Date: Sunday, March 02, 2003
From: Sky
you disappoint me

A burden truth is i got so many junk mails from bangla2000 forum members who they wanted to know my age how do i look like wheather do i have boyfriend or not one of them asked ma statastic & wanted to know if he can do something for ma marriage life if i get unhappy specially some of them asked for my pic & some of them sent their pictures what is wrong wid this chatters? why they all want to fall in love why do not they count a gal as their frd? all are weird members of bangla2000
i do use net limited times & try to reply ma frds the truth is i did not see any reason to say even hi to these forum members & i am disappoint not to see the desired mail from keui-noy
what happened to you keui-noy? silence of your present making me more disappoint & worry stranger keui-noy why do not you write
hey keui-noy w'd you like to be ma honest friend who listen & cares each other
ba bye ba bye everybody

People Discussion
(Sunday, March 02, 2003)

w'd anyone help me wid keui-noy's e-mail address i w'd love to take the 1st step to mail this stranger keui-noy & get to know his choices
thz bangla2000 forum members to mail me & sorry to disappoint all ba bye ba bye everybody

(Sunday, March 02, 2003)


(Sunday, March 02, 2003)

did ya left ur email add in road side or pu a banner writin ur email id ??
how all b2k chtter get ur mail id ?

starnge ?

crack!!!! how ya disapponed her ..
u man so so boring..

man say her hi ..

last q
r ya ok?
or r ya female?

(Sunday, March 02, 2003)

(Sunday, March 02, 2003)

keu_noy apnake ami chini na...tau bolchi...i think sky er moto bondhu pauwa bhagger bepar...jodio ami okeu chini na..o to apnar gf(premika) hote chai ni...just friend hote friend hote problem ki? anyway..apnar bepar......

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