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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, June 04, 2001
From: april
to shagor

I know,i shouldn't use this bulletin board for this type of talking.But i am using it and sorry for that.This is for shagor.This is the second time,i had a fight with him.whatever the reason.I don't want it to keep going.That's why ,i need to make myself clear.Mr.shagor ,.I am not konkaboti or mayaboti who will say always some loving talk with you.I am april.I come to chat just for fun.It is virtual world,so everything is virutal to me.I always say,i am in love with somebody.why do i say that?I could keep it secret like others.because i just want to talk,that's all.I call with diffrents name in diffrent person like apumoni.bhaia,dadabhai,da etc.'cause it makes my talking with others free.So that who i am talking to feel free to talk with me and don't try to take me other way.SO there is nothing to mind if I call apu or da or is just a calling.the persons who i am talking with will never see me and me witll see them neverever.So what's the wrong?why can't you take it easily.You said I am kid.Well,behaving like big person doesn't make a person is just only for fun.I didn't come here to learn anything.'cause i am a student of one of the great university in USA.if i don't joke ,don't say like kid.How come i get fun.I used to be or try to be big girl.But the person,who is in my life,said me,april life is just a fun.You will never get two life.Try to get as much fun as you can get.Well my love has big mind that's why he said that.Now mr.shagor,you need to make your mind big too.Don't think everybody will say loving talk with you.

I am sorry if I hurt you.But I needed to tell it.
And to others,if you want to make comment about my opinion.please first see my point and then post it.Don't make comments without knowing and understanding anything.OK?

People Discussion
(Monday, June 04, 2001)

u r right april bhaiyaaaaaaaaaaa. everyone single person should think like that way. well, some people come here for finding love on the net.. ki korbe.. real life e mone hoi kotha bolte parena.. hahahaha
sorry sorry dont mind people. rifat bhaiyer saathe theke aamar o ektu fun korar beram dhorche.

rifat bhaiya tumi poooooooocha..:P

(Tuesday, June 05, 2001)

looks like umissed the whole point kiddo....not to call me bro means just calling the didnt mean love talk or sweet talk or whatever.....the only reason i tell u a kid is because of your funny act...the mssg that u send to this bulletin board is another childish example.....u think that it proves u a tought girl..wel..all it makes me HA HA HA HA HA HA...(u know the meaning of HA HA..DONT U ??? KID :)

(Tuesday, June 05, 2001)

ohho!I don't know the meaning.Today i had off day.SO the whole day I was trying to find HA,HA,HA word meaning in the dictionary.But I couldn't find :(((

(Wednesday, June 06, 2001)

dear april..

(Wednesday, June 06, 2001)

dear april..
u r definitely trying to have some fun as the man in ur life told u...but ur huge big mail is kind of REALLY FUNNY...never mind..
i tried to figure out ur point...either i am a dumb or u dont know what u r doing....but whats the point?...that shagor didnt want u to call him "bhaiya...."
opps.. that’s a serious allegation ..hahaha....he must be slaughtered...hihihii...hayy if u go on calling every1 ur big bro.or sis. than what’s the big deal in calling u a "kid" kiddy.. no matter where u study, every time u r gonna learn open ur mind and come to b2k as a friend ... have some fun...not some silly fighting....and enjoy :-)
by the way..i enjoy talking to shagor.. lovly writing to u dear:-)....wish u a real nice day....

(Tuesday, November 27, 2001)

April...relax, if someone annoys you just ignore them. Its not too hard, don't get so worked up about you said its all virtual to you...

Shagor, if someone says to you that your bugging might be a good idea just to leave them alone.

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