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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, February 27, 2003
From: siddhartha
Human asset management

You just play several roles in your life. You play the role with such intensity that you forget your own existence all together. At any point of time, you mistake your identify on the basis of your feelings and experiences from the interactions with other players. You get so involved that you forget who truely you are. You never try to assess your 'own self' in the perspective of your own likes and dislikes. One day, when you find a threat in your role, you experience a great shock. The role appears to be so real to you that you start thinking your 'own self' is threatened. You feel miserable. But, you are so amazed with your role playing that you forget to change your identity and take refuge behind your original self...or try to play a previous winning role. You forget to withdraw from your present state. You think, your true self is destroyed when, actually you are intact.

Find out who you 'really' are. Always think consciously that you are playing role without any real attachment with your 'real self'. You need to recover your true identity. You need to know who you are, what you really want. Travel the path 'from this point' backward and try to reach your origin. Think how you used to react to 'this' problem 10 years back, 15 years back. Try to assess where, when and how your perspective to 'view life' changed.

One of the hardest things in life, I have learnt, is to trace back our 'wandering life' so as to identify what we like, what we dream, wish, want, desire and hope. These all have kept on changing every moment we change our roles. One of my favorite pass time in recent years is to visit my childhood friends. I liked to take a walk across the bridge in the railway station. I still like to see if option is there to go back and do that again. And believe me I did exactly that last month. It might seem imposible or difficult. I love to feel the vibrations of my first train journey as a child when I travelled with my parents.

Finally I like to explore what seems like an everyday thing. I like to meet people from the past. Believe me, I desired and twenty characters are there with me now. All want to meet but I took intitiatives. However, point of difference will be the perspective. Try to talk to them from where you left twenty or thirty years back. Even this time, I discovered my 'own self' in London when I met one of my close friends after 30 years.

I got back my 'original self' even infront his wife. It helps me in recovering my 'own self' which might have been lost somewhere during my role palying..

It is not so difficult as you think it to be.....try to appreciate the importance of all these in the light of your current problems, issues, failures, hopelessness. I am sure you can win and you will.....

People Discussion
(Friday, February 28, 2003)

How Nice!!!!

(Friday, February 28, 2003)

Very refreshing and thought provoking passage in the midst of all the recycled materials cropping up on this board.

Just can't resist to indulge myself with few words regarding the subject matter. There is a fine line between role playing and yielding to the rigors of reality as one passes through the different stages of life. But as long as one remains truthful to oneself ,that line will never get blurred no matter how deeply one imbues himself or herself with the color of reality.

Just out curiosity though,this narrative of introspection and your nickname lead me to believe that you might be, jut mitht be a follower of Buddhist doctrines.

(Friday, February 28, 2003)

correction: might (last line)

(Friday, February 28, 2003)


(Wednesday, March 05, 2003)

No I am not a Buddhist..not a Hindu...not even a Muslim. I was a born in a Hindu family in Kolkata. However, I could come out of all these since the age of four. I do not claim to have anything other than understanding the life of human asset from its absolute point of view. I am not even a 'Sanyasi' as they claim to be in order to understand the theory behind human existence. I am a asset management consultant working with utility industry all over the world. However I believe, most important asset of all is the human asset.

Think a bit who are you? Are you really the person you represent at any point of are playing just a 'role' in its full potential with background music and dialohues given to you by all around you. We all need to come out of that stage and see, if we are the same as 'we portray we are'.

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