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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Date: Thursday, February 27, 2003
From: Sky
Ref: W'd you care to be my frd

Dis is me Jhumur hello keui-noy
to tell you some more about me i personally visit some other bangla sites & check their forum rooms & try to make friends from every site
i watch watch & den find out the most attract me & you are one of them keui-noy from bangla2000 who impressed me of course by your writing
i thought you w'd response ma w'd you like to be ma frd who will listen & help me with my thoughts because i myself stand wid good thinkers alike you keui-noy
i use internet very less time & shop around the rooms why do not you mail me at {} & i w'd be waiting to hear from you keui-noy hey stranger keui-noy have a nice moments wherever you are

People Discussion
(Thursday, February 27, 2003)

though i leave my e-address in public does not mean i will reply everyone in dis room it is true i w'd try my best to reply who they will be nice to me & specially i w'd be waiting for keui-noy's mail if you want to be my frd plz contact me
bye everybody ba bye ba bye

(Thursday, February 27, 2003)


(Saturday, March 01, 2003)

nam er gun dutoi thik acche tomar "daamra" se ek bondhu khujcche er tumi hot cold er proshno..... bata realy daamra.

(Monday, March 03, 2003)

damraa..... kick out ar kono option thakle..use kortam akhaneo.....

(Tuesday, March 04, 2003)

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