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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, February 27, 2003
From: Ruhy
To say "I LOVE YOU"is not enough!

How can I express the feelings,
that dwell in my heart for you,
if to say,
I love you is not enough,

From where can I borrow sentences,
to describe the sweetness
in just thinking of you,
if to say I love you is not enough,

Where could I gather
syllables to try and write,
my adoration for you,
if to say I love you is not enough,

Not with the description of the stars,
or a shinning moon,
could you understand,
what I feel for you,
if to say I love you is not enough,

Even if I could capture,
the symphony of the universe,
and the colors of the butterflies,
couldn't compare to beauty
of my love for you,

Eternity is not a big word,
forever is not long enough,
to describe how big is my love,
if to say I love you is not enough,

Forgive me Darling,
I read all the dictionaries,
searched on the world,
and found no way to show
how to express what I feel for you,

This emotions are bigger
than life and more,
all I can say is,"I love You"
even if to say I love you is
not enough.

People Discussion
(Thursday, February 27, 2003)

This is adorable...thx Ruhy

Abu Khan
(Saturday, March 01, 2003)

Nice said ruhy. If ya have lots more like this pls send me ba email. Ma email is

(Saturday, March 01, 2003)

(Sunday, March 02, 2003)

there is a song which goes like

(Monday, March 03, 2003)

Like wot mat?!!!

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