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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, February 27, 2003
From: Sky
W'd you care to be my frd

Dis is too good too good
I really enjoy reading your forum though dis is quite hard for me to understand I have seen dis nik keui-noy for long period & do not know who you really are
W'd you care to introduce each other or w'd someone please tell me who this keui-noy is becaz i myself impressed

People Discussion
(Thursday, February 27, 2003)

hey i missed to mention my name dis is me Jumur fm New Zealand & doing my bachelor in comp science
keui-noy what about you w'd you say something yourself

(Thursday, February 27, 2003)

yeah...same question is also from my side....

Keu-Noi...who are you..? May we know you.....?

(Thursday, February 27, 2003)

& i think , most of chatter of b2k know me...

(Thursday, February 27, 2003)

Hi~~~ Everybody
thanks for the one who had help me a lot before!I am the on who wants to learn Banliai,will keep asking you question.Bye.

(Thursday, February 27, 2003)


(Thursday, February 27, 2003)

dhulo ke shobai chini...its everywhere

(Thursday, February 27, 2003)

thz you dhulo to agree wid me & trying to know dis stranger keui-noy i saw you in the chat room you are a decent one indeed thz once

(Friday, February 28, 2003)

dhul bhai lew chine na ..bhai jan bandil mamr jaiga pan ki ?

(Monday, March 03, 2003)

lol..Gemini..u r right....

(Monday, March 03, 2003)

yeah......but i am not stranger like "Keu-Noy'...
Ok....i shall try to do....& hope ur succeess.......> Sky

(Monday, March 03, 2003)

harun..aida ki koila...amare cheno na...
regular tomare atoo atooo kick mare k....bhai...

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