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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2003
From: NettRomeo
My Explanation.

Please don’t be so serious…..Sab. Being easy and flexible would help more. Let me try to explain….even though I don wanna be involved with this kind of argument at this point in my life..
I will really find it helpful if u, for once atleast,clearly state what exactly abt my way of thinking u are complaing abt, without being dubious. U have made several comments that dropped from nowhere throughout this entire discussion, for instance first of all trying to dig implicit meaning out of my first posting - meaning which didn't even exist

- Implicit meaning really did exist….you suggested researching our religion for her answer….that indicated your line of thinking. In your later postings, you made it clear. Am I right..?

secondly assuming that ur posting has caused me agitation, then apologising for no reason at all, but also accusing me at the same time for making aggressive assault to win this discussion,

- 1) Since I interpreted the implicit philosophy in your writing, I thought my point of view might cause you anger….because followers of most religions are very touchy about opposing views. There is no democracy, no tolerance in this regard. It’s like – get him, punish him, teach him a lesson or kill him……if I’m not wrong. 2) I apologized because I was afraid that readers of my posting might find it aggressive and assaulting for their feelings. I didn’t accuse you of that. Well, I accused you for a different reason. You said -“u cannot suppress ur chauvinism in the comments u make abt women's physical weakness and the inference u draw from that.” ,,,that I found illogical and intentional.

and now pouncing on my brain cells to get rid of all the stuff I have so laboriously collected over the years and undo them!!! Good or bad, they r mine to stay. U also made baseless assumtions like the one u just made abt my childhood. What do u know what I have been taught since I was born?

- Well, this was my little effort to make you think differently. There is nothing wrong here. Now, as you made it clear, I’m not gonna say you anything, anymore. I didn’t make any baseless assumption ‘bout your childhood. Even though, I know nothing about you, it’s for sure that you came into contact with certain philosophies, and as a result….you are shaped like this and talking like this. If you’d born in a different society, in a different place….you’d be a completely different person – if I’m not wrong. But modern ppl should be able to get rid of all the factors that forced them to be a certain way. That’s what I meant. That’s all….I don wanna make it any longer. I feel hurt, if somebody misunderstands me – coz, eventually it’s my failure. Hope I’m clear enough this time. Thanks again….thanks for everything.

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