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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, February 25, 2003
From: cluster11
Regarding Dr. Naaz's thread on womens' inferiority

I wanted to start by responding some of NetRomeo's comments. So here goes:

1) It is not only in our culture, but its kinda universal. But, in our culture the degree is higher.
>> In a historical context this appears true at first. In most civilization historically there had been trends to worship the powerful. So discrmination existed not only based on gender, but also based on race, family tree and money. So I would agree with NetRomeo historically. In the current world though (the last 30 years) the inequality exists in mostly poor, underdeveloped or islamic fundamentalist countries.

2) Reasons: first of all, there are natural reasons. Women are naturally weak. So, they are suppossed to(?) be dominated. Next, in their physical relationship, females are (used to be) relatively passive - therefore, suppossed to(?) be dominated.
Third, there are religious plus other reasons, which are based on natural reasons.
>> The "physically weak" argument is hilarious! Most people who do manual labors are physically stronger than people upon whom they depend for the livelihood. For example the guy who does my landscaping or the guy who fixes my fence could most likeley beat me in a wrestling match. But they depend on me quite a bit to make their living. In today's world (or even 200 years back) civilization has become dependent enough on the financial and social systems that physical strength is a complete moot point unless you are into sports that requires it :).

The emotional issue is actually a by-product of the historical discrimination against women by men. So countries where a lot of discrimination exists has a much larger population of women who are weaker in psychological contest against men compared to developed countries. Example, Desi girls (Indian, Bangladeshi , Pakistani etc.) satistically tend to trust more and be less confrontational than a Hispanic or American girl.

I agree quite a bit on the third point, the twisted interpretation of religion is a huge factor in discrimination against women.

3) Even though there are logics (mentioned above), should women still be dominated by men..? Nope...if we consider ourselves to be civilized than the other animal species', we must establish equal rights for both women and men.
>> OK I fail to see any logic in favor of the 3 arguments in #2. I am sure you agree (you said you are a feminist!)

4)Is it gonna happen in the near future?..Are we gonna be able to see a perfect world..?'s a continuous process. The fight between good and evil will go on forever...!!!
>> I wouldnt put womens' right to equality as a straight path to a perfect world, but it will definitely make a better world no doubt! The positive thing is lot of stuff are changing. The attitude, the culture, more liberalism .. many elements that have been an active ingredient in getting women equal footing in developed nations are happening in Bangladesh, India and other places. Recently in a popular discussion forum geared mostly toward Bangladeshi youth a Bangladeshi girl living in the United States asked a question: "Feeling lot of peer pressure and the striking difference with her friends' mindset, should she preserver her virginity till marriage just for the sake of culture and religion?" This spawned a thread of interesting discussions that interested readers may view at [See messages 716 through 854 .. most deal with this topic].

Finally, my thanks to Dr. Naaz, NetRomeo, Kuasha and the always entertaining Saab for discussing such a timely and interesting topic.


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(Wednesday, February 26, 2003)

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