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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, February 25, 2003
From: NettRomeo
In response to Sabrina!!

Sabrina: It's not clear to u from my msg what I mean about the role of religion in this matter because I never said anything about it. There was nothing in my posting that raised the issue at all. I was merely making some suggestions to Naaz regarding her endeavor in this matter, nothing argumentative. ---------
Me: By “not clear”, I meant not explicit. In fact, ur views were implicit in there. Obviously, I guessed it right – and that’s the reason, I made those comments. I was argumentative for sure.---------

Sabrina: I actually posted it without reading ur comment, but ur remarks about me getting mad made me read it. I don't know what gave u the idea that I was "mad" at u, but there wasn't a single comment that connoted any kind of grievance towards u. Anyway, I read ur comment afterwards, and honestly, there isn't a single element that cud trigger any kind of stimulation, let alone "madness" in my mind. Ur comment was incoherent and ambiguous. Ur premise is inconsistent. U call urself a "feminist", but u cannot suppress ur chauvinism in the comments u make abt women's physical weakness and the inference u draw from that. ----------
Me: Women’s natural weakness is a scientific fact. But, did I draw any inference that indicated I support male dominance ..? Nope….that’s false. Probably, to win something, u don hesitate to blame somebody, even if u know that’s not right. ----------

Sabrina: U also bring abt the correlation between certain developing countries and the religion they follow, for instance Bangladesh is falling behind in development because of the religion we have embraced. I will request u to think really hard before u make such comments because Islam doesn't teach ppl to follow it blindly and take religion as granted from the omnipotent and omniscient God. Islam encourages education (the first mosques built in the Near-East, Middle East and North Africa were also academic institutions,an idea which was later adapted by the Christian churches in Europe and the West, and without education, women will never know what their rights are. Education brings freedom, and Islam facilitates it. ---------
Me: That’s right…very very right. You can keep looking at the past for next 100 years and be overwhelmed, what a great achievement!!!
But unfortunately, it won’t contribute to the present or to the future, either. I will not go for any more arguments on this. Because, it is not my intention to hurt anybody. Lot of people don’t understand the difference between constructive debates and aggressive assaults. Therefore, I’d rather apologize to you and all who read this, for being emotional and expressing myself. Probably, I’ll perform my own research on this in the future, and then I can come up with the findings – even though it is obvious, very obvious.

People Discussion
(Tuesday, February 25, 2003)

Aggressive assualt!! Now where have I heard that before!!
U have amazing power of reading between the lines, NetRomeo, even though there wasn't anything hidden in it, nothing mystically implicit in those narratives. But u managed!! Good job!!
I don't know why r u apologising for being expressive, argumentative and opinionated. Those are very rare qualities, and must set u apart from the flock :)I don't think anyone is hurt by ur comments, not me atleast.

(Tuesday, February 25, 2003)


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