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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, February 25, 2003
From: Sabrina
Reply to NetRomeo & Kuashaa

There's something terribly wrong with this bulletin board that won't let me publish under the original posting. Anyway, here's my two cents:

NetRomeo: It's not clear to u from my msg what I mean about the role of religion in this matter because I never said anything about it. There was nothing in my posting that raised the issue at all. I was merely making some suggestions to Naaz regarding her endeavor in this matter, nothing argumentative. I actually posted it without reading ur comment, but ur remarks about me getting mad made me read it. I don't know what gave u the idea that I was "mad" at u, but there wasn't a single comment that connoted any kind of grievance towards u. Anyway, I read ur comment afterwards, and honestly, there isn't a single element that cud trigger any kind of stimulation, let alone "madness" in my mind. Ur comment was incoherent and ambiguous. Ur premise is inconsistent. U call urself a "feminist", but u cannot suppress ur chauvinism in the comments u make abt women's physical weakness and the inference u draw from that. U also bring abt the correlation between certain developing countries and the religion they follow, for instance Bangladesh is falling behind in development because of the religion we have embraced. I will request u to think really hard before u make such comments because Islam doesn't teach ppl to follow it blindly and take religion as granted from the omnipotent and omniscient God. Islam encourages education (the first mosques built in the Near-East, Middle East and North Africa were also academic institutions,an idea which was later adapted by the Christian churches in Europe and the West, and without education, women will never know what their rights are. Education brings freedom, and Islam facilitates it.

Kuashaa: Thx for ur kind words. I don't know how u missed the parts that so beautifully define the symbiotic and harmonious interdependent relationship of men and women in Quran, and also in the life and teachings of our Prophet,if u have read it intently :)Anyway, incidentally, since the birth of Islam, men have single handedly dealt with the spreading of its teachings, interpreting, translating and so on and so forth. Had it been a matriarchal society, things wud have been viewed from a different perspective :)


People Discussion
(Tuesday, February 25, 2003)


(Tuesday, February 25, 2003)

I believe it was Chormonaier pir who said that women are incapable of running a country on their own because they require guidance from men :-)! Jokes aside, here are my 2 cents.

It's evident that religious documents are vague which allows for different ways of interpretation. Sabrina, NettRomeo, [Kuashaa] and Chormonaier pir - all have their own interpretations of the same book and I am sure they all of have reasons, personal interests and circumstances to validate such interpretations. No one can say that only his or her interpretation is right because there is simply no way to prove it! You can't build your case when the foundation is not solid and open to interpretation! Eventually the interpretation that comes from the one with the greatest power/influence persists regardless of its accuracy. So the real question is why are religious documents vague?

(Tuesday, February 25, 2003)

The new resolution brought to the UN by the US, the UK and Spain has been drafted in a vague manner deliberately to secure maximum support as well as to ensure that the words can be twisted later to match any situation to uphold the interests of the US.

History repeats itself but not necessarily always in an identical manner!

It's important to keep an open mind, explore different views and then make a choice between the truth and the dogma.

(Tuesday, February 25, 2003)

i truly think i missed something.

(Tuesday, February 25, 2003)

Don't worry Kuasha you didn't miss a whole lot...

(Tuesday, February 25, 2003)

I think,if I remember it correctly, the Chormonaier pir said that women are incapable of running a country on their own because they are emotional!!! Let's see if NetRomeo gets to figure out what I am trying to say in between the lines here.

What HAHA just said more or less resonates and reverberates what I said in my earlier msg to Naaz. Call my idea bizzare or whatever if u must, but I think we, or rather the experts who have translated, interpreted, studied and debated have passed the lingo of Quran as vague since they weren't able to extract the true meaning out of it. We as human beings have limitation in cognition since our learning is confined within the wordly matters,and can only infer from what we know and what we have seen. I don' t think we have fully realised the divinity of the Book. Anyway, that's that!

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