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Thursday, July 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, February 18, 2003
From: gangsta

who needs a rapper, when you've got gangsta rap..
no one listens to bangla rap, 'coz it's full of crap..


but i know two sista, who can rap really good..
they're Sabrina and Gemini, they live in the hood..


one's from the north and the other's from the south..
watch out for these sista, 'coz they've got big mouth..


if they can't rap, then ain't no cool
it's time to bring in Opsora fool


if she can't rap like a ghetto gangsta..
what 'ya say, we bring in Durrah, her bully sista..


sistas in the house, but they can't jam..
what can i tell ya, it's just freaking damn, um-ah, um-ah

People Discussion
(Wednesday, February 19, 2003)

Ya Rappp tool
Don't be sayin all these bull..
Opsora ain't no fool
She is beautiful...

(Wednesday, February 19, 2003)

Yo!! You said you a gangsta
But you neva pop nothin
You said you a pop star
and you need to stop frontin

(Verse 1)
You ain'ta friend of mine,( huh)
You ain't a kin of mine,( nah)
What makes you think that I’m a run up on you with the nine
Opsora, Gems and moi
We do this all the time
Right now we on the grind
So hurry up and cop and go we selling nicks and dimes

U know u can't shine when I'm around the rhyme
So go! Shoo! Chill and get me a fino with a lime
You know who dropping dimes
You said you a gangster
but you neva pop nothin
You said you a *ankster
and you need to stop frontin
You come to b2k bitchin’
but you neva cop nothin
You been hustling the independent ladies a long time
and you ain't got nothing
No funk, no spunk, no line,
Just plain ol’ fodder and whine!

(Wednesday, February 19, 2003)

Go Sab Goh....
GO Sab Goh....

(Thursday, February 20, 2003)

pop! pop! pop!
i said, pop! pop! pop!
listen up y'all
pop! pop! pop!
i ain't gonna stop..
until one of 'em drop..

drop 'em to the ground..
slugs keep popping round 'n round..
i got no mercy, so, make no sound..

make no sound, says the gangsta..
i ain't your homey, you ain't no sista..
just keep shootin, i can't resista..

resista, i can't, bullets flyin, bang! bang! bang!
you can't rhyme 'n ain't got a thang..
i just shinelike my brand new Mustang..

in my Mustang, i'm cruising in the hood..
that's who's me, in the hustling mood..

pop! pop! pop!
ain't gonna stop..
until one of 'em drop..

(Friday, February 21, 2003)

Whatcha ya'll been up to?
Nice rappin dere yo!!!

(By the way..just letcha know...I aint got a big mouth )

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