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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, February 11, 2003
From: fanta

MY VALENTINE??...all in favor...blushhhh!!

People Discussion
(Tuesday, February 11, 2003)


(Wednesday, February 12, 2003)

aaillah !!! jamana aailo !!!..premik cheye biggopti....Candidate hoya daraitase dekhi
Hasan bhai...koren ki..amraa chhoto bhai ra aasi na?
oiii Fantu..tomaar Fone Number ta daao to...aaj-kei tomaar Dady-ke bole prem koraa'r shokh mitaachchhi.

(Friday, February 14, 2003)

aunty:@...instructions are only to blush..eto gulo icon dite ke boleche...dady ke fone korle dady bolbe amar meye r jonne emon bekkol er dorkar nei.....and PP "shotti" ......

(Friday, February 14, 2003)

ahaaa.....emon kotha...jeno Blush maarle-i Madam-er Valentine hote Favour korbe

tomaar jonno amaar cheye-o boro bekkol-er dorkaar...ei kotha ta tomaar Dady-o khub bhalo kore-i janen...taai aami Fone kora taa-i Better Way thik korechhi...shamne giye porle to...dhore shedin-i biye'r piri te boshiye chharben amaake ...aami fanta'r Dady jamaai hote chai naaa..

(Friday, February 14, 2003)

Dady'r jamaai***

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