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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, February 06, 2003
From: ami_keui_noy
~~~!!!!~~~~ Ulta-Palta ~~~~!!!!~~~~

close urrrrrr eyes till the mornin' close urr eyes till the early dew nnn get inside what yaa 've been missin'........

I look inside my crystal ball of desire nnn know why rapid beats my heart.....I see the spark, I feel the flame of the fire nn know what I 'm missin'(its like there's a garden Where every heart can share in the joy of givin'), picchii bouighh!!!!!

even though we rrrrr heart to heart nnnn yaa wonder when we part "do I start to lose my desire? 'll tomorrow be like tonight? 'll I always treat yaaaa right? 'll love go on forever?.....well, never a day goes by I couldn't live my life with out nnn there's no time when I can ever forget what yaa mean to me. morever, never a moment goes by when yaa rrrr not on my mind, badorniiii.....

sometimes feel to say out loud "If there's a time when the tears should fill urrr eyes nnn ya can't see past the shadows the sun on the other side.....don't dispair 'caz 'll be standin' by 'll keep ya from the cold 'll hold while cryyy 'll be there to be stron' when yaa can't find the strength inside nnn ya 'll never stand alone, pocha meyee"

however, iffff there's a day when the rain should find urrr heart nnn ya rr cold n lonely nnn the world has turn ya dark....'ll 've these arms of mine to hold ya tight nn keep warm, dhongii..........

kintuuu ------------------------------------------------

People Discussion
(Friday, February 07, 2003)

Where were you these days dusto?.We missed your writings

(Friday, February 07, 2003)

Where were you these days dusto?.We missed your writings & opinions.Nice to see your writing again dear shybal.

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