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Friday, July 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, December 31, 2002
From: polash
I wonder why God waited 8500 years to give us Islam?

In Muslim calender it is 1423 now.Social scientists and cultural anthropologists believes that the modern civilization or "history" began in the Neolithic period, about 10,000 years ago.All the cultural achievements that we call civilization took place within these 10,000 years.
I am just wondering why two of the most recognized religion came to us only 2002 and 1423 years ago. If god gave us these religion, why wait for so long???

People Discussion
(Tuesday, December 31, 2002)

According to Islam God has sent prophets in different times to civilizations with God's message.
Since it is hard to determine all civilizations where such messages were conveyed, archaeological digs become tougher as we go beyond the first few thousands, the well-known conduits are Moses (6,000 yrs. back - Egyptian Era), Jesus (2,000 yrs. back - Palestenian Era) and Mohammed (1400 yrs. back - Islamic Era). This is from well-known recorded history. God's role on previous incidents in our universe can make interesting debate out of Science and Theology but should be discussed in another thread.


(Tuesday, December 31, 2002)

hope u got the answer brother polash.
Thanks a lot bro. cluster11.
May our LORD almighty let us learn the true history of civilization.

(Tuesday, December 31, 2002)

That still doesn't answer my question.If God decides everything then why wait for mohammad to be born to spread Islam?

(Tuesday, December 31, 2002)

No it does answer your question and you would understand it if you could get over the notion of equating God with Islam. The Koran itself says God has sent messages at diff. times thru different prophets. ISLAM was just the LATEST version at the time Koran came into being. So NO God had not waited till Mohammed to spread the message and NO Islam is NOT the very first time GOD sent religion. Just the latest version of God's message. Now we can discuss about the reality/logic of such statements but that was not your question (which I have already answered).


(Wednesday, January 15, 2003)

Everything goes by a system. Even Allah does things thru specific process. He can skip if He wants to but usually He follows a process which can b easily identified in nature. lets say to get a mango, we cant just go n get it, skipping the process of growing it in a tree. well Allah can definitely skip that if He wants but He doesnot in usual cases. bringing up islam was like that. Allah could easily create world in a day n just pass holy quran thru Mohammed (s) n order us to obey but for a logical sequnce He choosed to make it detailed, and the sequence has been explained in Holy Quran also. So the source is there to justify beginning from the 1st day of Adam and even earlier n so on. If u go thru the history of the prophets n their communication with followers, u can get the picture how it was like takin classes n educating ppl thru ages to a stage where they can understand islam as a complete lifestyle. islam word was originated from the word "slm", which means complete surrender. Now thru knwoing our ownself, meaning, knowing human as the most complex creation and aswell as the best, to surrender to an idea without a background is not a part of the quality of the creation. And also without the background if everyone would find themselves as muslim rite after birth, the purpose n concept of this charade of heaven n earth, life n life after death would collapse. sorry for such long speech, but Allah waited 8500 years to announce islam jus to make it logical and for a planned completion of an idea.

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