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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, December 22, 2002
From: vanity_press
Prayers for Jannat

Dear Jannat,
Having read one (truth hurts) of your postings and the subsequent exchanges, I felt compelled to prepare a prayer of my own and it is for you. Yes, I prayed for you, hope you won't mind.

Prayers for Jannat:

* May the devil be with you.
* May the devil possess your mind and soul and taint it with devilish desires.
* May the devil permeate into every molecule of your flesh and blood so as to nutralize the potency of the pill you have swallowed.
* May the devil wash your brain with Clorox bleach in a permanent press cycle and tumble dry it with fabric softener (Reason: when your brain comes out of the dryer you will have a fresh - your brain stinks now - new way of looking at things.)
* May the devil give you the common sense so that you don't think of every woman as a mother or a sister.
* May the devil enlighten you with wisdom and vision so that you can see the pure, pristine and immaculate beauty of women in skimpy clothes.
* May the devil buy you a copy of the the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. (You have to wait until summer for that).
* May the devil deviate you from the path of religious jealousy and waltz you into the domain of devilish love (devil has no religion).
* May the devil be with you, guide you through the twists and turns of this turbulent time and protect you from the perils and pitfalls of the parochial porpaganda (in a devilis way I mean).

People Discussion
(Monday, December 23, 2002)

ibe nire tgubg ket Habbat feek tgat tgus us Habbat - tge oaraduse if Devuk. ket ger unnersed ub tgus Geaveb.

(Monday, December 23, 2002)


(Monday, December 23, 2002)


(Monday, December 23, 2002)

Couldn't have said it better!


prodoshe prakeetojon
(Monday, December 23, 2002)

So you pray to Devil!

(Monday, December 23, 2002)

Orbachin satan er onusarir nikot theke "Jannat" er cheye bhalo prarthona arr ki ii ba asha korte pare!!!
Tobe sanan's fllower der hoito jana nei, mohan Allah (swt) mominder sab samoi ii satan er onisto theke rokkha kore thaken.
apni ke taha ami janina, ebong janteu chaina, apnar prarthonar govirota dekhe sabhabik bhabei mone hochche je apni sotti ii satan er ekjon bishisto chela.

(Monday, December 23, 2002)

correction for third line, word no. 2 & 3>>>>>>>>please read>>>>>>>"satan's follower"

(Monday, December 23, 2002)

Thank you Vanity, thanks a lot for your great prayers. Now you have got another job. Say a new prayer. Aamra jara Soitan-er Onusari, tara sobai eksathe mile BHALO MANUSH der jonno pray korbo

(Tuesday, December 24, 2002)

Hey HAHA, good to see you around.

Couldn't agree with you more, I_am_J.

And Oasis, the same prayer applies to you too.

prodoshe prakeetojon, I pray to the protector whoever that may be.

prodoshe prakeetojon
(Tuesday, December 24, 2002)

sounds like devil is your protector!

(Tuesday, December 24, 2002)

prodoshe prakeetojon: If you want to argue about who is my protector, you are simply wasting your time. You can make any kind of assumptions, that's your prerogative.

(Tuesday, December 24, 2002)

prodoshe prakeetojon: If you want to argue about who is my protector, you are simply wasting your time. You can make any kind of assumptions, that's your prerogative.

(Saturday, December 28, 2002)

Satan er onushari ra satan er kase pray kore na. Tara allah r kase shaitani korar jonno pray kore. And Allah gives them that right. So, everybody think about it, whether for good or bad you have only one to pray.

(Monday, December 30, 2002)

Since every goodness needs an evil to justify its morality, the existence of good without the evil is simply an illusion. It's an inherent predicament of the virtue.But when the hypocrisy and ignorance are perpetrated under the veil of goodness, denouncing the evil not only pales the glints of goodness, but also becomes the self-fullfilling zest for the vague morality, which is abound in many of Jannat's postings and in those which come forward to vouch for it.

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