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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, December 21, 2002
From: mharun
Think Less And Do More

Some people waste lot of their time in thinking and thinking.
They do lot of planning in their imagination and continuously think that they want to do their and that.
Although their intentions are not bad and they really want to learn and achieve something in life but they are not able to achieve what they want because their approach is not correct.
They remain all they time in frustration and depression of not achieving what they want.
This is because most of their time is lost in thinking and even then they actually work, their mind remains on their future planning only.
So they are not able to concentrate even in their present work properly.

Al though certain amount of thinking and planning is very necessary for doing job perfectly, it is the constant inner chatter going in mind which is not desirable.
The beat way to stop this inner chatter and achieve maximum in life is that never allow yourself idling and day reaming for a long time.
Always take up some thing (from your list of works) and get absorbed in it.
Then take up another and get involved it.
Your frustration comes from the fact that you want to learn and achieve everything instantly or in the least possible time
This as you know is mathematically impossible. Moreover you also know that your desires, your plans also keep on changing as a function of time. For example your desires and plans are not the same as you had twenty years ago. At that time (twenty years ago) you were so desperate about certain thing but now you are not.

That’s why, as mentioned before, you have not to wait for some later date for your enjoyment when all your plans will be materialized. You should derive enjoyment right in the process of work by remaining completely focused in each work and activity, which will lead to the fulfillment of your final goal. Your enjoyment depends on your ability to remain in the present moment while doing any activity and to perform that activity as best as you can.

People Discussion
(Tuesday, December 24, 2002)

nice advice . thanks.

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