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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, December 20, 2002
From: p deshi
War in the middle east is just a matter of time now:

I think the bombing is going to start in February, 2003. So, why is the United States so eager to start a war that will kill thousnads if not millions.If you want to know what the adminstration has in mind for Iraq, here's a hint:It has less to do with weapons of mass destruction than with implementing an ambitious, U.S. vision to redraw the map of the middle east.
The new map would be drawn with an eye to two main objectives: Controling the flow of oil and ensuring Israel's continued rigional military superiority.The plan is, in its way, as ambitious as the 1916 Sykes Picot agreement between the empires of Britian and France , which carved up the region at the fall of the Ottoman empire. The new imperial vision includes not only regime change in Iraq but control of Iraqi oil, a possible end to the OPEC and newly compliant governments in Syria ans Iran- either by force or internal rebelion.
Thinking about these oil rich countries situation, I am glad that Bangladesh doesn't have so much oil or we would face the same fate .God help us all and I hope someone comes up with a better idea than war to get the oil they want so much.Killing people for oil isn't going to look good on them. One day people will know the truth.They always do.

People Discussion
(Friday, December 20, 2002)

The very fact that you are posting this in a public bulletin board means TODAY some ppl (including you) already know the "TRUTH" as you see it.

A lot of ppl have different hypothesis about why U.S. wants to attack Iraq, some of them overlap - but most like yours, claim to be the ultimate motive. Be assured that the Commander-in-chief, SecDef and SecState are not going back to the drawing board and changing plans because of your post. More follow-up coming below ..

(Friday, December 20, 2002)

For an imperialistic power when do you think is a better time to invade? When you are at serious odds with your enemy and you've strong allies with clear agenda? or when most of your allies are not in a agressive mood, hundreds of thousands of your own ppl are rallying against war before it even started and your own administration is in the middle of a political skirmish?

Look at history and you dont have to go back as far as 1916, glancing at the events of late '60s to early '80s should show when America could strike and take over but didnt. And dont think of the Soviet Union as the great protector, they've done the business of carving up "friendly" states before with enemy state (i.e. Poland for Germany). Their incompetence shows anyway with the war of '67.


(Friday, December 20, 2002)

Bush needs an agenda to tackle economic downturns. If he never has to attack (and thus forced to bring a quick and devastating end to the conflict) and keep this on till re-electoin he will be more than happy to do so. The old broken record of imperial intent doenst fly well in post 9-11 world pal.


p deshi
(Friday, December 20, 2002)

What are you talking about, pal.

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