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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, December 19, 2002
From: polash
Where is America going?

People from all over the world has been coming to America for centuries.Most immigrants had to face some form of discrimination in this country, but what's going on now is just un American.After 9/11 some people are doing whatever they like in the name of homeland security .There are about 8 million illegal immigrants in U.S. now and this is not unknown to the INS.But they are too busy arresting only muslims, people who came into the country legally and then went to the INS office to register but now some of them wondering if they made a mistake by going there ,some of them are saying they should have stayed home like the hispanics and no one could get to them.Isn't this ironic that United States the country that is regularly criticizing other"s is now violating human right's of so many and treating prisoners like subhuman. Most of these people being detained for more than a year don't even know why they are in jail. A 70 year old Afgan man was released after one year in the cuban base jail, that the U.S has build specially for the muslims prisoners.He doesn't know how his family was living that year he was in U.S jail. Is this justice? Is this equal treatment for all, like the United States constitution say's.Israel and Turkey both violated more U.N resolution than Iraq and no one is saying a word about it.So, why is the same U.N resolution violation being used against Iraq to attack her, why isn't anyone seeing anything wrong in this.The british rob the world for centuries, and the way america is trying to pick a fight with Iraq,it makes one wonder why are they so eager to find weapon in Iraq, why isn't the U.S. letting the U.N inspectors to do their job, why are they interfearing with the inspector's work.Iraq has nothing that can reach the United States, and militarily Iraq is not even close to them.So, why are they so concerned about Iraqi's weapon. One thing comes to mind is Israel, jew's are so eager to destroy Iraq that they are pressing the United States to start a war with Iraq. Of course there is the $3 trilion dollars oil reserve that Iraq happens to have, not a bad prize in exchange of some old bombs. And moreover in Iraq they can try their new weapon over real targets, like the Japanies did with them.Japanies scientist used their chemical weapon on American and Chiness soilders.Some men in this country goes to jail for robbing few dollars from a store and some people can kill millions at their will and nothing happens to them, why? America belongs to everyone and no one should be able to destroy its image by their actions.No gun can win the war if there is no real cause for the war.Big guns never win war. One man send the british pigs packing 55 years ago and he never even fired a single shot.So, those who are blinded by their overwhelming military power and eager to start war for the wrong reason should think that nothing last for ever.
Divide and rule was a favorite policy of the british and the same policy is still well and alive. Why???Because some people never learn and they can't unite and defend against their common enemy.
Is America going in the wrong direction? If she does than that would be a very sad day for us all.

People Discussion
(Friday, December 20, 2002)


dukhkha korish nah..ora beshi baira gechhe...somoy hoitoba oder o ghonaiya aschhe....wait and see..take it easy bro..

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