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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Friday, June 01, 2001
From: neelbedona
reply back to shybal

i understand your point of view. and i have got all you have been thinking. listen one thing i never wanted to change my fucking attitude. its there. and it will be there all time. i ws the one who screwed this piece of funky zone. I ws the one who tough the chatters what is slang and how does it ignite. And what does a bad call. but the point is u should shout at the right time. not unnecessary for every such thing. thats making a fool to the inner self. U know well, how much I can get bad here. Coz of me someone always been in trouble from b2k management. For her or his smile I had to hold my wild ass a little tight.

you are not making your dignity down. i got angry with you coz, if someone said anything just to screw u up. without thinking anything u just blast off. thats what oishi doing to you. cant u see it.. r u fucken blind. just one itch can screw u up??? I know u rnt going after her. but she loves to see u screwing. She know one itch will screw u.. that's why she is doing that and having fun by watching u like that. But ur brain doesn't wanna understand it. Yea she interrupts ur msges coz she likes to see u getting mad. Anyways, forget it.

I wdnt say may be all those things to u.. all time someone got mad at me.. its irritating if someone says over and after.. he is doing this.. he is doing that.. he doesn't listen anyone.. he listens u.. also saying moreover megh doesn't say a word to shybal whenever he slangs.. but if someone says a thing than he warns. Etc.. etc.. etc..

How long a person can hold it. u write up.. no ones gonna stop u. everyone will appreciate it like they did before to ur Environment n our Government,, conversation between Asian n American and some others. They had to delete those things which u wrote for oishi.. and for raj, kuan.. or whatever. Sorry anyway, if my previous msgs were too harsh for u..


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