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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, December 19, 2002
From: jannat
Difference between Mo'min and Muslim

Assalamu alaikum

Every Mo'min is a Muslim, but not every Muslim is a Mo'min, because Imaan is a higher degree in which the Muslim believes in the whole tenats of Islam, while the term Muslim can be given to any person who declares witness or believes in Allah (swt) and the Prophet Mohammad (sawa) without going into the details of the full message of Islam.

The difference between Muslim and Mo'min is mentioned in Qur'an in Sura Al-Hujuraat (49) Verse 14: The A'raab said : We have believed. Tell (them): You did not believe, but you say: We submitted (surrenderd) to Islam, while Imaan has not entered into your hearts yet.

Imaan according to many Hadeeths is the belief in the heart,along with submission in the tongue, and practice in the organs.

No Muslim can be a real Mo'min without believing in all teachings and orders of the Prophet (sawa) including the most important orders regarding the leadership of the Muslim Ummah after the Prophet (sawa) which is for Ahlul-Bayt (as), without which Muslims will go astray.

Mo'mins are in many degrees according to their heart status and deeds.(And for evrey one degrees out of their deeds) (6:132).

Imaan of good Mo'min is increased by Allah (swt) as a result of good deeds,dedication in worshiping, more sincerity and sacrifice. ( And Those who were guided,Allah will increase them with more guidance) (47:17).

Imaan can also go down and decrease by bad deeds, love of worldly things and lack of dedication. That is why it is very important to keep praying (Rabbana La Tozigh Qoloobana Ba'da Ith Hadaitana)(O Our Lord, Do not let our heart deviate after you have guided us)(3:8).

Wassalamu alaikum

People Discussion
(Friday, December 20, 2002)

May Allah subhanahu taala accept our prayers and guide us towards true path.

Thank u very much and jajakallahu khaiyer. may Allah (swt) award u for ur effords and good deeds.

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