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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, December 17, 2002
From: cluster11

Continuation to discussion with opsii ..

The question then becomes why is FTL (Faster Than Light) speed not possible?

Lets first get a refresher again on the space-time concept. According to Einstein's theory of special
relativity, Time is relative to space and displacement everywhere in the universe. We can sum it up by
saying time is relative to speed. If we assume S as speed and T as time and A as acceleration of speed,
then T is dependent on S. The funny thing is, T becomes slower and slower as S approaches FTL!

In the famous E=mc^2 formula, Einstein showed Energy (E) and mass (m) are interchangable while c
(optimum speed of light) remains a constant. As you approach c and T slows down, the m in the above
formula increases! Which means you need more E (Energy) to go faster. c here is roughly about 11.6
million miles per minute. Now thats an awfully fast speed!

But special relativity emphasizes that its not because we dont have the necessary resource, that we cant
achieve FTL. Its just flat-out impossible. Because to reach c, m has to reach infinity. And you cannot
have infinite mass.

Anyway, lets put things in practical terms. We have multi-million dollar machines called particle
accelerators which can achieve some major speed by bombarding sub-atomic particles. One well-known place
where such accelarators are frequently used is the CERN laboratories in Zurich, Switzerland.

For the purpose of this FTL test a heavy sub-atomic particle called muon was used (heavy=easier to
detect). It seemed fairly easy to get a muon upto 99.9% of FTL. By then the muon had become 74 times
heavier than its original mass. But when the speed was increased to 99.99% the muon has become 2240
tiems heavier. By the time we got to 99.999% it has become 70,000 times heavier than its original mass
and our accelerator is pushing its limits!! The reason why this weird behavior happens is Energy and
mass are approaching infinity as we get closer and closer to FTL speed! Thus FTL is impossible, at least
where relativity holds true.

Later during ihs lifetime Einstein did came up with some scenario where FTL is actually possible. (This
is after he came up with a second theory on relativty called the General Theory of Relativity that has a
deeper significane on the universe than the earlier theory). This is the scenario I earlier pointed out
regarding Black Holes (NOTE: Inside black holes, the rules of physics in this universe as we know it,
all breaks down).

On certain supper massive black holes which are spiral shapes (and also calld wormholes) there exist
some things called Einstein-Rosenberg bridges, only for a tiny tiny fraction of a second. There FTL is
achieved and time can actually go backwards. Now consider that this was conceived way back in 1918 and
we havent really got the actual physical proofs of black holes until the 1970s and the era of Stephen
Hawkings (no wonder Eisntein was a genius!). As more and more characteristic of black holes are
discovered, it seems such an anomaly is possible in this Universe. How WE humans can use that to do
time-travel however is still in the realm of science fiction.


People Discussion
(Wednesday, December 18, 2002)

To impress a girl a man should never discuss the mysterious of black-hole with. And if it comes to that he should avoid discussing any kind of holes with her all together.

(Wednesday, December 18, 2002)

black-hole with her*

(Wednesday, December 18, 2002)

Take it Easy Slyer..U don't even know what kind of relationship we hold for each other...noone is impressign me here...Next time, before passing any comment, try to know who are we!

(Wednesday, December 18, 2002)

It must be a good thing of not knowing what kind of relationship you hold for each other and, nor do I want to know. Thanks god for that. And you should know that messages are posted on the bulletin board to be commented on regardless of who is posting it or to who it is directed to, otherwise it's better to keep it in a private channel. Got that??

(Wednesday, December 18, 2002)

When posting a msg for others that u don't know, keep it general...don't take it too that?

(Wednesday, December 18, 2002)

True anybody can post anything on an unmoderated bulletin board .. garbage or otherwise. I would urge opsii though to not waste time on responding to posters who can only think one-dimensionally. Slyer's opinion (boy-girl relationship related) had no relevance to my post (physics related). It also showed his/her ignorance on the topic. What I dont get is why bother showing off that ignorance? .. or maybe he/she jsut cant resist it ..


(Wednesday, December 18, 2002)

If you can't see the generalization in my message, then I would suggest you find someone who can strike a blow on your dumb head with his Einstien like intelligence. Well, may be not quite an Einstien, but at least expert in copying and pasting.

(Wednesday, December 18, 2002)

Right .. goes to show your incompetence in having a decent discussion on space-time. You cant even imagine that someone might actually write this on his/her own! Well thanks for the compliment. I wasnt you are this ignorant. Why dont u come to B2K chat soemtime and I will show you whether i talk or copy/paste about physics! Lets setup a time and date and I will be there. Lets do it on friends too so ppl can verify your copy/paste claim. Or are you too chicken to take up that offer?


(Thursday, December 19, 2002)

Cluss, forget it..No point of talking to this air head...!

(Thursday, December 19, 2002)

Your desperate desire to explain (regurgitate, rather) the mysteries of black-hole to an ignorant like me seems like quite a stretch, unless, of course, you are overburdened by the weight of your ostensible wit and can't make it conspicous enough.May be it wasn't a bad idea to unload that crap on Opsora's bonehead as she is carrying it around quite effortlessly. No, I don't want anybody to explain the mysteries of massive black holes to me. My one dimentional mind won't get that.

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