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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Friday, June 01, 2001
From: shybal
ur freedom to blow ur fist in the air ends where my nose begin, megh

with an aim to maximize the benifit n minimize the harm. through my words posted herein...............

the western world(rulers) has successfully induced a mass min-conception of freedom. of course, i must admit that the strongest protest against the hype also comes from nice thinkers(such as --, ---, ---- n bla bla but not me). symbolically, i would only say, "ur freedom to blow ur fist in the air ends where my nose begins"
i threw it over n over(ur discuss what u pointed shybal) last several times but couldn't get nethin' from that. well, i'm lyin' n there's somethin' has what u meant but...... u were/are one of them who messed n did some craps(i know u 'll offened). bein' an admin...doesn't mean u changed ur fuckin' attitude, neelbedona.

now a days in the market, there r more guys want to be like this/ the competition market to be established n "neelbedona" changed his mind n decide to be a man like others who r livin' in 21st century. its pretty impressive but unfortunatelly, i hadn't seen that yet,,,,,,u r here wherever u were n shybal never gives a damn wheather or not u n someone were angry over nethin'. i didn't discourage none from expressin' opinions or view n liked up opinion, megh(but asked several times to come up with difference thin' with identity). i know, there r cynics n perverts(like me, u n bla blaa).......the major prob's we r freakin' confused(what to write)

see again comes the confused, i ain't doin' nethin' but.....(tired to repeat) but stop blammin' me to run after that slut bitch(oishi/bipasha n so on so on). i din't tell her nethin' so lon'. though, she interrupted on my messages with various names n now u just remind me once again to kick on her filthy stink ass. but sorry neelbedona. r u kinda blind, nadim hassan????? didn't ya read my previous messages that i allowed those "invisible" (who they lost the time bein' their born) to kiss my feet.
neel n rest of ya all, go home n check ur shampoo....change it before its too late. review the list of all contents in......then see if amon' the ingridents suit ya(hahahahhaahaaaa). n don't act like coward, hypocrite, sick headed as well.
u think peep inside the BB pond to watch n take a bath. if u think so....u were wron', nadim hassan. no wonder B2K has too many ppl but they 've time to watch/read my craps(what u denied). n bein' worry to erase this message once again . i would ask u(the way u addressed me, neelbedona) sit back ur ass n grab some cold drinks('caz u ain't old enough to touch beer"hahahahaaaa") n try to realize what i wanted to mean through previous postin's

i'm thinkin' abt endin' what it gonna be. ohhhhhh!!!!! yeah..i got it n gonna repeat these lines for u, nadim hassan(neelbedona):- "don't put ur hands inside the fire, its gonna burn. so, an easy solution.....don't put hands inside the fire"

n.b. ami toka hurt kora ei likha likhta chaini, megh kintu vabhlam hoito nijeka offened kora dorkar(tui javabha amaka boka geli). ar amaka bol, ami kothay amar "dignity" loose korshi n made myself down???? keui toka pointed korachilo "to hold my tounge" kintu she sampurno word(friends) bolani..... tui ki sei kothar karona nijer "biratto" prokash korar janno oiiii kathagulo amaka bolli ?????

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