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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, December 15, 2002
From: jannat
Israel Threatens Nuclear Attack on Mecca and Medina

Israel Threatens Nuclear Attack on Mecca and Medina

uploaded 11 Dec 2002
THERAN -- A high-ranking Israeli officer threatened that the Zionist regime would launch nuclear attack on Islamic holy sites in the Middle East, an Israeli newspaper said Sunday.

In case Israel was attacked by states or groups, the Jewish state would respond by dropping nuclear bombs on Islamic cities such as Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia and Qom in Iran. The Haaretz newspaper quoted an unidentified high-ranking officer a s saying.

It is an irony of our time Iraq has been suffering for a decade because it is accused of having some capabilities of unconventional weapons, while Israel announces that it possesses nuclear weapons, but there is not any international action against it.

The officer, a guide in the Israeli military academy, was quoted as saying that Israel possesses hundreds of nuclear warheads along with their delivery systems, including long-range ballistic missiles, long-range bombers and nuclear submarines.

Indeed, while is Iraq under the pressure, Israel is the only entity in the Middle East to possess a huge arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, including a sizable nuclear arsenal.

It is unfortunate that the United States, Israel's main protector, has always prevented any serious move to discuss Israel's weapons of mass destruction. But at the same time it has accused a number of other countries of trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction. It has put them under pressure on the basis of the very baseless accusations it has leveled against them.

It is time the Islamic world in the first place and the international community too took serious action to contain Israel. The Zionist regime is an occupationist, expansionist entity. It must be contained, else the entire world will be in danger.

Source: Tehran Times



Judaism is allowed its David, who slew his tens of thousands. Christianity is not called to account every day for its witch hunts and Crusades. Jews aren't suspect because of the spy Jonathan Pollard. American Christian clergy aren't required to denounce the Lebanese Phalangists. The pope isn't blamed when Notre Dame can't cover the spread against Navy.

But for Islam, notwithstanding its teachings of peace and charity, it is open season.

Never welcomed by conservative America, despite the rather conservative lifestyle followed by many of its devotees, Islam has been dragged through the blood and rubble of terrorism with less and less subtlety since Muslim madmen flew airliners into American buildings last year.

At first, lip service was paid to the legitimacy of the religion and the presumed loyalty of 6 million American Muslims. President Bush asked that this law-abiding minority not be made to feel guilty by association. But the rumblings on the right began immediately, and now they're at an all-out roar.

From evangelists Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Jimmy Swaggart came half-baked swipes at Muhammad in terms worthy of Yasser Arafat or Bill Clinton.

From Kenneth Adelman, a member of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board: "The more you examine the religion, the more militarist it seems."

From columnist Cal Thomas: "The real nature of Islam is a religion of war and conquest."

Thomas, actually, was quoting his fellow Christian conservative Paul Weyrich, who has written a book interpreting the Quran for us. That's a little like Dan Burton auditing the ledgers of the Democratic National Committee.

It's not just conservative Christians or hardcore hawks, either. How about a Jewish moderate? The New York Times' Pulitzer Prize-winning Middle East expert, Thomas Friedman, chides Muslims to clean up their cultural act, even calling for an "Islamic Protestantism" to bring them into the civilized world. His authority: the conservative Cato Institute, published in William Buckley's National Review.

When even the reliably liberal Times moves to the nativist right, a good Muslim in today's America must feel a lot like a good Jew or Catholic did in the last century. And well he should. Reported hate crimes against Muslims and people who appear to be of Middle Eastern descent increased 1,600 percent last year over 2000, according to the FBI.



Christian Science Monitor

Regarding the Dec. 9 "Economic Scene" column "Economist tallies swelling

cost of Israel to US" (Work&Money): If Americans were not constantly

subjected to a veritable blitzkreig of pro-Israel propaganda by mainstream

press and broadcast news organizations, they might have noticed that, but

for the cost of supporting Israel's illegal and brutal occupation of 1967

Palestine, nearly a million unemployed Americans would probably not be

losing their unemployment benefits just three days after Christmas.

SEE: "Economist tallies swelling cost of Israel to US"

They might also notice that the Israeli government's request for additional

aid, above and beyond the $ 3 billion to $ 7 billion it receives annually

from American taxpayers, is money that would go a long way toward funding

the much-needed repair of America's dilapidated schools (not to mention a

host of other infrastructure projects currently on hold), or toward funding

prescription drug coverage for older Americans, many of whom must choose

between eating and paying bills.



By Eric S. Margolis

9 December 2002


These are not idle alarms. Senior administration officials openly

speak of invading Iran, Syria, Libya, and Lebanon. Influential, pro-

Israel neo-conservative think tanks in Washington have deployed small

army of 'experts' on TV urging the US to remove governments deemed

unfriendly to the US and Israel. Washington's most powerful lobbies -

the oil and Israel lobbies - are urging the US seize Mideast oil and

crush any regional states that might one day challenge Israel's

nuclear monopoly or regional superpower dominance.

The radical transformation of the Mideast being considered by the

Bush Administration is potentially the biggest political change since

the notorious 1916 Sykes-Picot Treaty in which victorious Britain and

France carved up the Ottoman-ruled region. Under review at the

highest level:

*Iraq is to be placed under US military rule. Iraq's current

leadership, notably Saddam Hussein and Tarik Aziz, will face US

drumhead courts martial and firing squads. Iraq will be broken up

into three, semi-autonomous regions: Kurdish north; Sunnis center;

Shia south. Iraq's oil will be exploited by US and British firms.

Iraq will become a major customer for US arms. Turkey may get a slice

of northern Iraq around the Kirkuk and Mosul oil fields. US forces

will repress any attempts by Kurds to set up an independent state. A

military dictatorship or kingdom will eventually be created.

The swift, ruthless crushing of Iraq is expected to terrify Arab

states, Palestinians, and Iran into obeying US political dictates.

*Independent-minded Syria will be ordered to cease support for

Lebanon's Hizbullah, and allow Israel to dominate Jordan and Lebanon,

or face invasion and 'regime change.' The US will anyway undermine

the ruling Ba'ath regime and young leader, Bashir Asad, replacing him

by a French-based exile regime. France will get renewed influence in

Syria as a consolation prize for losing out in Iraq to the Americans

and Brits. Historical note: in 1949, the US staged its first coup in

Syria, using General Husni Zai'im to overthrow a civilian government.

*Iran will be severely pressured to dismantle its nuclear and missile

programs or face attack by US forces. Israel's rightist Likud Party,

which guides much of the Bush Administration's Mideast thinking, sees

Iran, not demolished Iraq, and its principal foe and threat, and is

pressing Washington to attack Iran once Iraq is finished off. At

minimum, the US will encourage an uprising against Iran's Islamic

regime, replacing it with either a royalist government or one drawn

from US-based Iranian exiles.

*Saudi Arabia - Current White House thinking is to keep the royal

family in power, but compel it to become more responsive to US

demands, and to clamp down on its increasingly anti-American

population. If this fails, CIA is reportedly cultivating senior Saudi

Air Force officers who could overthrow the royal government and bring

in a compliant military regime like that of Gen. Musharraf in

Pakistan. Or, Saudi Arabia could be portioned; the oil-rich eastern

region would be made into another American protectorate, like Kuwait

or Qatar, while the western portion, with Islam's holy places, could

be left to the Saudis or a new Hashemite dynasty.

*The most important Arab nation, Egypt - with 40% of all Arabs - will

remain a bastion of US influence. The US controls 50% of Egypt's food

supply, 85% of its arms and spare parts, and keeps the military

regime of Gen. Husni Mubarak in power. Once leader of the Arabs,

Egypt is keeping a very low profile in the current Iraq crisis,

meekly cooperating with US war plans.

*Jordan - A US-Israeli protectorate. Its royal family, the

Hashemites, are being considered as possible figurehead rulers of US-

occupied 'liberated' Iraq; more remotely, for Saudi Arabia and/or

Syria. The British Empire put the Hashemites on the thrones of

Transjordan and Iraq after WWI.

*Lebanon - To become an Israeli protectorate and commercial center

dominated by Maronite Christian rightists.

*The Gulf Emirates and Oman: former British protectorates, now

American protectorates, in effect, tiny colonies.

*Libya - Madcap Col. Khadaffi remains on Washingtn's black list and

is marked for extinction once bigger game is bagged. The US wants

Libya's high-quality oil. Britain may reassert its former influence


*Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia - Short of revolution, will remain

loyal western satraps under highly repressive, French-backed royalist

and military regimes.

*Yemen - Former British imperial base at Aden, and former French base

at Djibouti, will become important permanent US bases.

*Palestine - The White House hopes Palestinians will be cowed by

Iraq's destruction, and forced to accept US-Israeli plans to become a

self-governing but isolated native reservation surrounded by Israeli


The lines drawn in the Mideast by old European imperial powers are

now to be re-drawn by the world's newest imperial power, the United

States. But, as veteran soldiers know, even the best strategic plans

become worthless once real fighting begins.

People Discussion
(Monday, December 16, 2002)

Why I can not see the comments. Is this problem happens to my pc only or others also.

(Monday, December 16, 2002)

There is a devil active in b2k bulletin borad, specially those who r posting good messages, that devil add some dirty pics with it.
Due to this reason b2k admin earese all comments from ur posting.
Please don't stop ur posting whether any one read ur messages or not.
Wish u all the best and i'm always with ur mission.

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