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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, December 03, 2002
From: kushbu
"Did you ever"

Did you ever love someone,
but they didn't love you back?
Did you ever feel like crying
but what good would it do?
Did you ever see him smile
when other girls say hello?
Did you ever whisper "I love you,"
but never let him know?
Did you ever look him in the eyes
and say a little prayer?
Did you ever look into his heart
and wish that you were there?

Love is fine, but it hurts so much
and the price you pay is high.
To you, my friend, don't fall in love-
You'll be hurt before it's through.
You see, my friend, I ought to know-
For I fell in love with you..

People Discussion
(Wednesday, December 04, 2002)

Truth Hurts yet Love is the Most beautiful thing that can happen to a Human ( a real one though).

(Wednesday, December 04, 2002)

Oh Forgot to mention!
Wonderful Song/Poem/Writing/

(Wednesday, December 04, 2002)

did u ever do the last thing first?

(Wednesday, December 04, 2002)

nice writing...

(Wednesday, December 04, 2002)

what u meant by that Nisshim??? please make it clear.

(Wednesday, December 04, 2002)

yeah i respect your opinion Oprosa.. u are right though. everything has a postive and negative side so u know what i meant. anyway, thanks.

(Wednesday, December 04, 2002)

thanks naaz.

(Wednesday, December 04, 2002)

It's not clear. It can't be clear. It's somewhat gray, in between black and white. It can only be comprehended by the one who has done the last thing first. Just consider yourself that you are not the one.

(Wednesday, December 04, 2002)

hmmmm Nisshim alright then.

(Friday, January 10, 2003)

nice your grate I like your thoughts. Because what you wrote about that really happend to me, I have loved people from my own origen, my own country but when they see me in the street they ignore me because I'm a bangli poor lover...Cause they think I don't know how to love the they want, they want opended love which I can't give them. Thats why I'm alone without love. I want love, as a friend or more then a friend from Bangli girls...If any one wants to be friend and or love me like a friend I will be happy...I love ya all...E-mail me bejoy11211@yahoo.comI'm Joy...I will let ya enjoy me if ya want...let me know..

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