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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, December 03, 2002
From: anamica
in love emotion comes first

if i ever fall in love i will prefer emotion is the last step in love...

People Discussion
(Tuesday, December 03, 2002)

The last step?? (As if there is no more step after that!). Geez .. i guess physical relationships must be boring then!


(Tuesday, December 03, 2002)

No relationship is boring...As long as you have a good understanding with your partner...As long as u have respect for each other..As long as u have a heart to heart realtionship to each other...Nothing seems boring then...No matter what comes first and what comes last!

(Tuesday, December 03, 2002)

relationship with each other---correction*

(Tuesday, December 03, 2002)

why not do the last thing 1st, then worry abt all the other stuff...

(Wednesday, December 04, 2002)

hey anamica,

you are right,first prefer emotion.everybody does the same thing.but do ya know why ppl do the same thing???

for doing the last step(whatever u wrote).
did you ever have that step....wowwww that's really great.specially first time.....take it easy

(Wednesday, December 04, 2002)

no prem no biye no sex no emotion

(Sunday, December 08, 2002)

ha ha ha ha

(Friday, January 10, 2003)

nice your grate I like your thoughts. Because what you wrote about that really happend to me, I have loved people from my own origen, my own country but when they see me in the street they ignore me because I'm a bangli poor lover...Cause they think I don't know how to love the they want, they want opended love which I can't give them. Thats why I'm alone without love. I want love, as a friend or more then a friend from Bangli girls...If any one wants to be friend and or love me like a friend I will be happy...I love ya all...E-mail me bejoy11211@yahoo.comI'm Joy...I will let ya enjoy me if ya want...let me know..

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