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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, December 02, 2002
From: jannat
Dirty war against iraq since 1991

In the Name of Allah ( God ),Most Gracious,Most Merciful
Subject : The Dirty War against Iraq from 1991

Warning: the following photographs are extremely

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allahi Wa Barakatuhu

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The U.S and allies claim that the war they launched against Iraq was a clean war and that they used nothing but conventional weapons in their attack. I would like to deal with extremely important issue, that is to see how clean was that war, and the impact of weapons used against Iraq on human health and the environment which were both considered to be essential human rights.Join the People's Anti-War No to War Now

Facts and Figures:

1)The Allies used 141,921 tones of explosives against Iraq.

2) This is equal to 7 atomic bombs similar to that dropped on Hiroshima.

3) 5000-6000 bombs were fired by tank s.

4) 10,000 bombs were released from aircraft.

5) Napalm, cluster and air fuel bombs had been used by the Allies.

6) Depleted Uranium (DU) was used by the Allies in the war for the first time in the history of mankind.

7) More than 300 tons of DU were used by the Allies and still left behind in the region polluting the environment and threatening human health by both its radioactivity and high chemical toxicity.

8) All of the above were not only used against the Iraqi armed forces but much of them were used against civilians, shelters and other civilian instructors well away from the battlefield.

9) The threatening to civilians did not end by the cease-fire. The U.S kept threatening the people in Iraq by sending their missile and releasing warrants without any reasonable justification.

The Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons:

1) For the first time in the history of international conflicts the U.S and the U.K used radiological weapons against Iraq armed forces during the period 17\ 1\1991 and 1-3\ 3\ 1991, i.e. after declaring cease-fire.

For more details go to

The Gulf War, Britain and America used Depleted Uranium weapons against Iraq, was in January and February, 1991. By early in 1992, there was an alarming increase in the number of babies that were born with deformities, and the number of people with cancer, especially young children. Doctors did not understand why this was happening. It was not until 1993 that the use of DU weapons against Iraq became the use of these weapons. The results showed the following

More photographs
PICTURES OF DEPLETED URANIUM AMMUNITION, extremely disturbing pictures of DU birth defects, babies born with birth defects, USING DU BOMBS, USA using DU WEAPONS in ...

The following pictures reveal the truth about the barbaric ... to those who claim that Deplete Uranium is not ... did not have nor used any Nuclear Weapons against the ...

Impact of Depleted Uranium on Man and Environment in Iraq: An international scientific symposium on the use of Depleted Uranium and its impact on man and environment in Iraq was held in Baghdad between December 2-3, 1998.

Further Evidence on Relation between Depleted Uranium, Incidence of Malignancies among Children in Basra, Southern Iraq

DU weapons:the effects in Iraq , An increase in cancers and deformed babies

The U.S. and British ILLNESS From D.U

Abnormalities of Western Gulf War Veterans' Children From Depleted Uranium (DU) Weapons Used By the U.S. and British Military During the Gulf War.

Shaun Rusling says he is "devastated" by his diagnosis, One study has held vaccines responsible for Gulf War Syndrome

Dr Asaf Durakovic warns many could be at risk of cancer ,and US Gulf War veterans have reported DU-related illnesses

This child was born to a US Gulf veteran
useful information

67% of children born to US Gulf veterans had severeillnesses or birth defects.

Sixteen British Gulf War veterans say they have proof they are suffering from radiation poisoning, caused by materials in the weapons used by the Allies.

The children of Gulf War veterans

A soldier's experience

John & Laura Cuozzo - ... and she suspected that it may have been the cause of her children's illness. ... has come from Mrs. Joyce Riley, head of the American Gulf War Veterans Association ...

BBC News | Middle East | Veterans back Iraq over Gulf war illness - ... East Veterans back Iraq over Gulf war illness Iraq blames ... that the number of Iraqi children with cancer ... in urine samples from allied Gulf War veterans who had ...

More than 100,000 Gulf War veterans have suffered unexplained medical problems since they returned from the conflict.

More than 100,000 American and allied troops who served in the war against Iraq have complained of nervous disorders, chronic fatigue, rashes and muscle and joint pains.

Gulf War veterans have marked the ninth anniversary of the end of the conflict by calling for a public inquiry into the illnesses many of them have developed.

survivors of the friendly fire incidents during the Gulf War involving DU ammunition, ,DU Dust


Kevin Rudland: Collapsed
Former army engineer Kevin Rudland, the first British ex-serviceman to say contact with DU dust in the Balkans had caused him to suffer a related illness, said he collapsed with disappointment while watching the minister's announcement.

Cancer Risk from Depleted Uranium Weapons in the Balkans

the death from cancer of a sixth Italian soldier who served with the Nato peacekeeping force in the Balkans.

40 Years of Government Sponsored Ecological Terrorism ,Joyce Riley vonKleist, RN BSN,Captain, USAF, inactive reserve

I am calling every good American,and British to arms. Arm yourself with Truth. Truth is your government's greatest enemy. Truth shall will come.Please pass it on, thank you for your time.
Wa Alykom Assalam Wa Rahmato Allah Wa Barakato

your Brother

People Discussion
(Monday, December 02, 2002)

Duniyar sakol muslim der majhabi parthokko bhule, sudriro AKIDAr upor biswash ebong TAAKWAAr odhikari hoiye ekjoge evil force er biruddhe rukhe darate hobe. Bichchinno protibad ba protirodh kuno sufol boiye anbe na.
saytani pora shokti divide & role poddhotite muslim ummah r majhe bibhed sristy kore porjaikrome muslimder dhongso korar suporikolpito plan niye sakrio ache. ottanto dukkhojonok holeu oti satto kotha holo, so called muslim desh gulir munafek shasokder ebong so called munafek biddhijibider sammilito prochesta, Evil forces der porikolpona bastobaione prodhan sohaiok hisebe bhumika palon korche.
Jannat>>>>>>>>>>>apnar valuable information keu jante chaina keno ta ki apni bujhte paren?
please, hotoddom hoben na, keep on posting and carry on ur mission impossible.
pobitro Ramadan apnar jibone boiye anuk onabil shanti ebong sammriddhi.

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