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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, December 01, 2002
Three Advices

A man went hunting and caught a bird.

While in the captivity of the man, the bird said, "O Sir, you have already eaten many animals like oxen, sheep and camels. And their meat has never satisfied you. So, how will my meat satisfy you?

"If you let me go, I shall give you three advices by which you will come to know how wise I am.

"My first advice will be on you wrist, the second on the roof of your house, and the third from the top of that tree.

"I assure you that you will be happy on hearing all the three advices.

"My first advice, which I am supposed to deliver from your wrist, is this-- 'Never believe in anybody's foolish opinions!' "

After delivering his first advice, the bird flew to the roof of the man's house and said, "Never grieve for the things of the past. When something has already happened, never regret that it has happened!"

The he continued, "Inside my body, there is a precious pearl which is ten drachms in weight. That pearl was supposed to be yours. It would have brought wealth to you and prosperity to your children. But now you have lost it, and it is your fate that you will never get it. Alas, because another pearl of the same value does not exist!"

Upon hearing this, the man started wailing and weeping.

So, the bird said, "Don't you remember my second advice, 'Never grieve for the things of the past'? Now, that the pearl is gone, why do you grieve for it?

"Either you did not understand my advice or you are deaf.

"My first advice was, 'Never believe in anybody's foolish opinions.' O fool, if my total weight is not more than three drachms, how can a pearl weighing ten drachms be inside me?"

Upon hearing this, the man regained his composure and said, "Alright, now tell me your third good advice?"

The bird said, "Why should I waste my third advice upon you when you did not take my first two advices seriously?

"To give advice to a sleepy ignorant person is like cultivating a salty piece of land. You can never patch torn garments of folly and ignorance. O wiseman, never waste the seeds of your wisdom upon them."

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(Monday, December 02, 2002)

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