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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, December 01, 2002
From: p deshi
Attacking Iraq Opens Way for Remaking Mideast

Key policymakers are motivated by twin hopes: to control oil and to protect Israel.If you to know what the adminstration haS IN MIND FOR Iraq, here's a hint: it has less to do with weapons of massdestruction the with implementing an ambitious U.S. vision to redraw the map of the Middle East.
The new map would be drawn with an eye to two main objectives: controlling the flow of oil and ensuring Israel's continued regional military superiority. The plan is, in its way, as ambitious as the 1916 Sykespicot agreement between the empires of Britain and France, which carved up the region at the fall of Ottoman Empire. The neo-imperial vision, which can be ascertained from the writings of key adminstration figures and their co-visonaries in influential conservative think tanks, includes not only regime change in Iraq but control of Iraqi oil, a possible end of OPEC and newly compliant Government in Syria and Iran- either by force or internal rebelion.
For the first step - the end of Sddam Hussein- sept. 11 provided the rationale. But the seeds of regime change came far earlier."Removing Saddam from power" according to a 1996 report from an Israeli think tank to then in coming Prime Minster Netanyahu, was an important Israeli strategic objective". Now this has become official U.S. policy, after several of the report's authors took up key strategic and advisory roles within the bush adminstration.
After removing Hussein, U.S. forces are planning for an open-ended occupation of Iraq, according to senior adminstration officials who spoke to the New York times. Any occupation would certainly include protecting peroliam installations. Control of the country's vast oil reserves , the second largest in the world and worth nearly $ 3 trillion at current prices, would be a huge strategic prize.Additional production in Iraq could drive world prices down to as low as $10 a barrel and precipitate Iraq's departure from OPEC, possibly undermining the cartel. This, together with Russia's new willingness to become a major U.S. oil supplier, could establish a long-sought counterweight to Saudi Arabia, still the biggest influence by far on global oil prices. It would be consistent with the plan released by vice -president Dick Cheney's team in June, which underscored "energy security" as central to U.S. foreign policy.
Now this plans sounds like the biggest robbery plan in progress, and they are going to do it in the name of peace and security and democracy for all of us. These people are going to be responsible for the death of thousands and may be millions of people. I wonder how they sleep at night?
The british rob the world for hondreds os years and they continue to do so today and they tell the world that they are civilized people is the biggest lie of all.
This article is by : SANDY TOLAN, was pubilished in LA TIMES ON Dec, Ist 2002.

People Discussion
p deshi
(Sunday, December 01, 2002)

Sorry for some typo's, please read "then" instead of the in the third line of the first paragraph.
The last para also should be hundreds of, instead of hondreds os. Thx.

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