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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Thursday, May 31, 2001
From: bd_KonkaBoti
Women and Human: Reply to Rony

My appology for a seperate posting! I tired to reply in your posting as a discusiion, but for some unknown reason, I failed. So I am posting it seperately!Thanks very much for your thoughtful comments Rony. You made a nice point out of the mail that I posted to Mayaboti.

While the mail was written to comfort Mayaboti you are right, it was also to reply some "Durmukh" (hey! nice word!). The mail indeed discussed issues raised from women's lib point of view. The reason for that was simple Rony. Mayaboti or KonkaBoti who ever was attacked by those 'Durmukh" they were attacked because they are women. Durmukhs didn’t want mayaBoti or KonkaBoti, being women to have freedom to express their opinion here in the bulletin board . They think they are the bosses as they are men, and they will, like all other spheres of life, direct Mayaboti or Konkaboit on how to hold a pen, and what to write. If you re visit previous postings you will see Rony, many people wrote poems, and stories or may be just some experiences from life. When those were written by a man, no one said a bad word. It's only Mayaboti, KonkaBoti, Oishi or Rifat, who get cursed because of writing poems or some experiences. Whatever Mayaboti or KonkaBoit, or Oishi or rifat wrote, Durmukhs said those are 'craps!" and Bulletin board is no place for that!

Rony, I wish I could talk about those issues from a humanitarian point of view. But unfortunately, I couldn't because the situation itself compartmentalized those issues in to women’s spheres. Talking from a humanitarian point of view might fail to catch the real problem. The real problem is the age-old power relation between men and women Rony, which remains, and is very common in a patriarchal society where men are "Swami" and women are "dashi". Unfortunately, despite of having BIG degrees from renowned institutions, many men are still nothing but some MCPs and are still rearing those medieval ideology deep inside of there mind and treat women nothing but a dashi, and there are women who also cherish this notion, just like a pet kitty! I am sure, you noticed it in the streets, at home, in public busses, and market places. And now a chat room or bulletin board is no exception!!

What I wanted to convey MayaBoti was, there are still MCPs and any enlighten women really shouldn't be bothered by their stupid comments. Men are just the male species of Homo- sapiens, they are not from Mars really! ~KonkaBoti~

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