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Tuesday, August 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, November 25, 2002
From: WarfazeTamaL
WhaT thE..

Always there whn ya call (Buckshots,hah), always on time
Gave u be mine
Always there whn you call, always on time
Gave you

Baby, I'm not always there whn u call, but I'm always on time
And I gave you my all, now baby be mine

C'mon nn get a piece of this late-night lover
u know, the one tht swin' d*ck like no other(sh*t)
I know, I got a lot of thin's I need to explain
But baby u know the name nn love is about pain
So, stop the complaints nn drop the order restraints
Our s*x life's a game so bat me down in the paint
'Cause I can't wait no more
'Cause it's about a quarter-past three and shorty's eyein me
I got the Bentley valeted
nn I'm just outside of Jersey, past the Palisades
nn I love to see tht a$$ in boots and shades hold down on the bed while I'm yankin ur braids
Thug style, u neva thought I'd make u smile
While I'm smackin' ur a$$* nn fckin' u all wild
But we share somethin' so rare, but who cares,u care

Girl, get a grip, c'mon, pull it together
It's only a sunshower, we been through worse weather
Like the stormy nights u wrote a "Dear Ta" letter
nn took my Benz nn keyed and cut the leather B*tch, ya know betta, we live M-O-B
Money Over B*tches, Murder, I-N-C..I got two or three hoes for every V nn I keep 'em drugged up off tht ecstasy..I'm a playground legend like Kirk with Pee-wee....Name a nigga in the league got more game thn me
I play hard, there's so many women I fathered
Meet 'em with scars nn send 'em home hot nn bothered
Truth or dare, this life ain't apparantly fair
nn a love with no glare is a crystal stare...But we share.. somethin so rare, but who cares, u care

Oh I'm, feelin' like ya livin a, double life
'Cause u don't be comin' home, smtimes..Baby, but u're always, on time, checkin' for one time
u nn I, got a special bond together........
We go back like bombers boo, in the coldest weather
nn whn I play u play the same way u freak me baby I f*ck u crazy..Then I'm gone
Baby don't really want me to get up nn leave off tht easy...She'll be wakin' up wet for sheezy..Remind these b*tches to mind they business..Believe me, this pimp game is very religious
nn I'm built like the Don Bishop...
Gon' keep this money-green Benz and my hoes as my witness...
The life we share is a thug affair
But who cares,u care

People Discussion
(Monday, November 25, 2002)

nauzubillah min zalek... abar shuru korchot?

(Monday, November 25, 2002)

Tauba tauba tauba!

(Monday, November 25, 2002)

Allah-r rosthe maff koro aei Warfaze re!

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