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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2002
From: WarfazeTamaL

Yeah.. yeah... yeah
We all my...
Yeah...C'mon, c'mon
To all my b1tches tht be givin' it up..
To all my niggas tht be livin' it up.. we say...
To all my b!tches tht be givin' it up..C'mon

Baby,u're such a typical, everyday, one night thin'
It's a physical, I'm fck, u tonight thin' Fck, knowin' ur name, get ur ass in the Range nn rollover, gettin' blown while blowin' the doja
Brin' head to a closure
Tht's a good b!tch
Before it's all ova, I'm leave this b!tch
Probably treat this b!tch, smoke betta...
'Cause if u ain't know, gangsta's nn hoes go together
Poppin' my collar, partna
Who in the spot !!!!!
Baby, Rule in the spot
In the mug and the watch, love me
Half the hoes hate me, half them love me
The ones tht hate me only hate me 'cause they ain't fcked me
nn they say I'm lucky
Do you think I've got time to fck all these hoes !!!!
nn do all these shows !!!!
Or flight in the lama, Dodge and White Rolls
Uh-oh, another episode

What... do I do?
To all my niggas tht be livin' it up.. we say...
Wht, I do
To all my b!tches tht be givin' it up....
Wht, u do
To all my niggas tht be livin' it up.. we say...
Wht, do I do?
To all my b!tches tht be givin' it up...
My love for yaa...C'mon

B!tches, just wanna hold the name exactly
Tht's why they s*ck d!ck with more passion thn apples
nn I ain't mad at'cha
Neva leave u alone
'Cause we fcks when I'm home
Phone s*x whn I'm gone
We both grown, both got minds of our own
Bust our freaks off like old dog and Love Jones
Been, in many zones, baby
One hoe, two hoes
Fck prizzy b!tches.. the hoes tht do bono
But u know.. the Rule be livin' it up...
And got all these hoes, givin' it up....
I like a little Rule baby, how cute r yaa?
With a body that rides all s*xual
I got a stick, I'll ride right next to u
Do a doughnut, nn cut, nn I'll open it up...
On the freeway, d!ck in her mouth, foot on the clutch
Rule b!tch, not givin' a fck

C'mon... we get high
C'mon... we get ride
C'mon... we get live
Live yo' life

Love u so s*xy, I just want u next to me
ur whole vibe.. like yaa high on Extasy
'Cause ain't nuthin' but an "E" thang baby
I know tht p*ssy wet like crazy
I wanna feel ur passion.. come whn u ask me
Laugh whn you cry... cry whn u laughin'
But ain't nothin' happenin'
The b!tch got a little too high
Picked up my ride nn started crackin'
The radio blastin' +Between Me nn u+
But u ain't on the low with tht freak sh!t u do
I thought u knew (Wht I do)
Know I know (Wht u do)
'Cause it's been a good night.. your head ain't right
Like Teddy P, let's +Turn Off The Light+'
nn grind it out, takin' no times out
'Til the sun come out
B!tch, whn u find out

C'mon... we get high
C'mon... we get ride
C'mon...we get live

C'mon, it's my time.........~~

People Discussion
(Tuesday, November 19, 2002)

shomossha ki tor? Lau deye kew ikka marchilo naki?

(Tuesday, November 19, 2002)

la hawla wala quattya............

tauba tauba.. ar ashum na bb te

(Wednesday, November 20, 2002)

(Wednesday, November 20, 2002)




(Wednesday, November 20, 2002)

tomaillla ami kintu tor likha ta pori naii >>>sob theke bhalo cham ta ami e marsi re tomailla >>>after all gani to taii >>>:)

(Wednesday, November 20, 2002)


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