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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, November 14, 2002
From: Sabrina
For Vanity

Weaaaowww!! Weaooowww!! (That's the best cat impression I cud come up with! Damn!!! They closed the CATS on Broadway, but I can always go auditioning in London.) Seriously, Vanity, I bet T.S. Elliot PAWsitively had me on his mind when he wrote the PURRfect portrayal of my sweetself in his"Old Possum Book of Practical Cats." How cute!! But, with everything that's been going on with u and tongz in the Vic Sec's trial room, I'd rather be catty than batty, if u catch my drift ( not that I have anything against u being deeply closetted). Anyhoo, hope ur come back, AS PROMISED, is not as lame as ur put downs (Really!!! sabs is a cat ... so sabz eats cat food!!!!????? how ridiculous is that!! A child can come up with better lines than that!!) I am preparing myself for the worst, bracing myself for the ultimate, dug myself a hole in case I need to hibernate if the shock is just too much to bear, signed up with a therapist, bought out the entire inventory of Prozac from the nearest Walgreens, called up my lawyer to prepare my will (where I have left all my five cats and their litter boxes to u!), etc. So, here I am, moseyin' to be mortified. Don't disappoint me :)

People Discussion
(Thursday, November 14, 2002)

Cats hibernate too!

(Thursday, November 14, 2002)

Check out the cat fight, some time The Tom cat gets little annoyed by the little one.

(Thursday, November 14, 2002)

(Thursday, November 14, 2002)

Snakes hibernate ... bears hibernate ... cats never hibernate ...they take naps frequently though, FYI HAHA.

(Friday, November 15, 2002)

I know - that's why I got surprised when you mentioned you might hibernate :-)!

(Friday, November 15, 2002)

Didn't realize that invitation to a Cat Chow dinner could provoke such fear and apprehension in your mind. My coming back wasn't meant to be a threat, rather, a pretext for an amiable discourse. If we conform to our usual role, then it is the milk-toast and mouse like me should be reacting the way you are. Because, the sheer presence of a feline, let alone its threatening gestures or ferocious grimaces, can cause a lot of distress to the mouse. Your prolonged list of defensive measures against a harmless "MousE" reminds me of the movie "The Mouse Hunt" in which the perceived fear of a harmless mouse drives two brothers at the brink of insanity (I see quite a bit of similarity here) which leads them to devise elaborate schemes to obliterate that pesky little creature. Their relentless efforts not only go haywire, but turn out to be unnecessary. Believe me, it would be the last thing I would want to see where you are high on Prozac wandering in the alley ways accompanying other stray (bohemian) cats. Staying in a burrow is not a bad idea, although quite unusual for a cat and not to mention the notion of hibernation. But if you choose to do so, it would be advisable to use odor absorbing crystals in the kitty litter for all the obvious reasons. All told, I am sure you are just as sweet, if not more, as the character in that book, although being among the rodent friends I haven’t had a chance to read any cat book.

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