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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2002
From: jannat


Hameed Abdul Karim

So president Vladimir Putin has used a Weapon of Mass Destruction to release the hostages held by Chechen guerillas or terrorists, according to ones perception of current affairs, killing in the process over a hundred hostages he was supposed to save.

This saga reminds me of a movie I saw some years ago. The name of the film was OERansom? and the plot revolves round a plane hijack. Midway during the show the chief inspector realises that the whole thing was a sham and that the terrorist hijackers were actually British secret service agents who wanted to arrest an IRA OEterrorist? (again your perception comes into play) who happened to be a passenger on the hijacked plane.

View the Moscow case in this light for a while. While you are doing that, bear in mind the spate of apartment bombings that rocked Moscow some months ago. It is now confirmed that Putin, the former KGB agent, was behind the blasts, or was in the know. The motive behind this terror campaign was to blame the Chechens for the atrocities and hoodwink the Russian people to support an all out war against Chechnya. Putin?s strategy worked like a dream. His main objective was to win the presidential elections ^ which he did. Viva la democracy!

Which brings us back to the movie OERansom?. What triggered off the inspector?s suspicions about the whole fiasco was that not a single shot was fired. Similarly in the Moscow drama the Chechens killed only two hostages. Putin killed the rest. And the Chechens (were they actually Chechens?), we were told, had planted bombs all over the OEfeatureless building? according to CNN, but not one went off. Isn?t that a bit odd?

Yesterday CNN, quoting Russian sources, said that the Chechens had fought back fiercely which suggests that they didn?t simply conk off as soon as the Russians fired the Weapon of Mass Destruction. Pray why didn?t even one of them trigger of bombs that were strapped on some of them? Then again they were not as cruel as the former KGB agent!

Could this be yet another ploy by Putin to win American and British support for his own little OEWar on Terror? in Chechnya? Already Bush and his pet poodle Blair have thrown in their weight behind Putin for his OEcourageous stand against terrorists?. Now maybe Putin will support the US and British plan to attack Iraq at the UN Security Council in a show of solidarity. After all one good turn deserves another.

In the meantime, CNN news, if CNN is to be believed, has it that 52% support an all out Russian attack on Chechnya while 48% say NO to such an exercise. There you are, democracy has triumphed. The majority of the good people have decided. 52 warmongers have outvoted 42 decent human beings, heralding yet another victory for OEdemocracy?! Or should we call it OEmajoritarian? autocracy?

Now some of you might dismiss my speculation as one of those OEconspiracy theories?. But remember the same things were said when the Russian authorities were suspected of being behind the bombs in Moscow. Not many believed the OEconspiracy theory? then. Now it?s confirmed that it was they who were behind the bombing.

With all these things in the air don?t blame me when I say there is something fishy in Moscow.


Ya Allah, iHdi na Sirat al musTaqeem!

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