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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, November 06, 2002
From: vanity_press
Something About Nothing

Something about nothing, really! That’s what I would like to write about, simply just mangling of words and sentences. Yeah, that’s what the doctor ordered. If you are wondering why I would attempt such a frivolous act then you may convince yourself by thinking that I just wanted to overwhelm the B2K server with a few more bits and bytes. Not that they have asked me to, but then again what’s the point of having the bulletin board. Wish I had a catchy bulletin to publish, something like the opportunity of a lucrative refined sugar business. (no pun intended, agrofood). Come to think of it, that indeed sounds like a line of business one should pay some attention to, only of course, you don’t take the words “refined sugar” literally. If you can do that then, only “sugar” will do the trick. But if you have a fancy for the refined quality then I would say do it by all means. Trust me, the market for “refined sugar” is highly in demand. The opportunity is abound. Who knows, you may turn out to be the millionaire in your block.The granulated sweet crystals - I like it, I know you do too. I feel like getting some right now. I like it so much that at times I “pour some sugar on me” (Dep Leppard). Try it sometimes, provided you have some sugar handy, enough to pour on you. Oh, the refined types work really well. Now, what you do after pouring is none of my business. Although I can suggest some activities you may perform which involves …, well, let’s not talk about that, it won’t be appropriate. Rather, listen to the Dep Leppard, you may pick up some ideas.

What is this I’m writing? Does it make any sense to you? Perhaps not. Good then, because that’s the whole idea anyway. The fact is being in a hiatus for a while I just don’t seem to get any topic to write about. Not that anybody cares. Although I can always write about the ever so common topic “love”, internet romance especially. The story about the fabulous “she” and the handsome “he”, hmm… sounds enticing – sweeter than the sugar. Then I hear the little voice in my head, “don’t you dare”. Oh well, there goes the love story. How about religion, yeah, how about venturing into the religious realm? To be honest, I’m not really in the mood. Let’s not prolong this any more.

People Discussion
(Wednesday, November 06, 2002)

Can't wait to see Sab's catty remarks :-)!

(Thursday, November 07, 2002)

hellallujah... Vanity lives... I had given up on you my friend... last we heard you were stuck in a trial room at Victoria's Secret trying on one of their fine wares!!...

(Thursday, November 07, 2002)

I think I caught a glimpse of the "hot,sweet and sticky" Vanity in the surveillance vdo behind Winona carrying her bags at the Saks on beverly hills!! The mystery accomplice!!! Plot thickens!!!

(Friday, November 08, 2002)

btw,the band is called Def Leppard.

(Friday, November 08, 2002)

Yes, Def Leppard that is.

(Friday, November 08, 2002)


(Sunday, November 10, 2002)

what what that's all Vanity could come back with??!!? Now I am disappointed!!

(Monday, November 11, 2002)

Didn’t realize there is a fun for my concocted
narratives. As much as I wanted to respond to your
posting, I just wasn’t prepared to deliver the
concoction either because all the ingredients weren’t
available for the delicious soufflé or the time
required to cook it just wasn’t there. But anyhow, one
thing that really baffles me is your (tongues)
fascination with intimate female-wear. Not that there
is anything wrong with it, but divulging it in the
bulletin board suggests that your cross-dressing
escaped may not be fulfilling your desire whatever
that may be. Wish I could suggest you a remedy -
something of extreme measures – but, I’m not a
therapist nor do I pretend to be. So friend, you are
in a limbo as far as I can see. I’m sure you have
thought of many options. You might have even thought
of modeling for the Victoria Secret to fulfill your
desire. Then once you have come to the realization that those Angels of Victoria Secret with their ever so fluid and smooth curves are far cry from your bulging and puffy masculine posture, you must have been crushed.
Dear friend, may be you need to find another line of
work, that’s all I can suggest you.

(Monday, November 11, 2002)

corrtion: Didn’t realize there is a fan ...

(Monday, November 11, 2002)

correction correction

(Monday, November 11, 2002)

Response to HAHA's 1st comment:
Your cruel intention only suggests that you have never been attacked by a ferocious feline, otherwise you wouldn't have wished it upon me.

(Monday, November 11, 2002)

Even the great Houdini could not have pulled such a trick to be at two places at the same time. But if I have to choose between the two, I would rather be at the Victoria Secret for all the obvious reasons. In fact, I was indeed there and our friend Tongues is here to prove it. In case you don't know he is a regular at that place, a constant starer at those Victoria Secret posters. The person you saw in the video could possible be one of your buddies. Remember that expensive birthday gift you received from your friend. I wonder where your friend got it from. Hmm....interesting friend circle.

(Monday, November 11, 2002)

Ha ha ha!

(Tuesday, November 12, 2002)

...Vanity, it's the milk-toast, skittish mouse in u that makes you perceive me as a ferocious feline :) ...

(Thursday, November 14, 2002)

One... "nothing wrong with cross dressing" said the FLY!
Two..."check me out on Pg 43 of the Vic Secret catalouge"
Three... at least I made it into the catalouge! heh hee

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