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Friday, July 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, November 02, 2002
From: jannat
Protocol of Hindus

While Muslims and Arabs are sleeping and could not solve the problem of Palestine. Now Hindus working in Gulf and Arab countries are encouraged to work for Israel. And destroy Muslims.

Protocol of Hindus

This book was introduced into the London book market for 5 days before it was withdrawn due to fear of harassment and discrimination against Hindus
in the Arab world.

The source of this information comes from the U.A.E Sharjah broadcasting
Channel presented by Ra'ad Aman and the program name, "Foreign
Book Title:" All Hindus Wake up"

Subheading:" The protocols for Hindu leaders"
The Author: Dr. R. Singh

These are 13 of the protocols mentioned:

1. Hindus must consider the state of Israel as its most friendly ally
to its negative attitude towards Muslims.

2. Spread Sinful acts and values within Muslim communities.

3. Hindu temples must be built in all places possible and to be
every day. Also the statue of" Ram" to be placed in the work place.

4. Regular meetings are to be held to plan ways in working against

5. Distribution of drugs and prostitution to be carried out within
countries and communities.

6. Sexual relationships with Muslim women is encouraged to ensure the
production of Hindu babies within Muslim communities.

7.If you are a pharmacist or doctor, try at all costs to enduce
defects in the feteous.

8 If you are a nurse or doctor, whisper" Ohm" into the newborn's ear.

9. Try to spoil or damage goods in Muslim shops if you are employed by

10. Become their friends, gain their trust and stab them in the back.

11. Turn others against them.

12. If you work in their homes, try to influence their children or
way of thinking.

13. Wear a black string around your wrist.

People Discussion
(Sunday, November 03, 2002)

As someone already pointed out jannat, do you actually THINK before posting this type of message? Have you accidentally swallowed an islam pill which makes you behave this way? Get a life!

(Sunday, November 03, 2002)

HAHA, if you are pointing at me, I really don't mind, cause I know what I've said and also very sure about my words . And HAHA, you made a mistake, this is not "Posting", this is "Pasting" .

(Sunday, November 03, 2002)


(Sunday, November 03, 2002)

""HAHA and I_am_J""
Dr. R. Singh's book is wellknown to all indian community, if u have any doubt than collect that book and read carefully before u comment on jannat's posting.
with due regards to other religions, i must say, Dr. R. Singh's book is one of the many examples of anti-islamic propagation by hindu authors.

(Monday, November 04, 2002)

oasis, no one is denying the existence of the book. But the fact that some people can take that book seriously to make it an issue is what I find disturbing. Please don’t be blinded by your faith and think before making a comment or taking an action. How many hindu people do you personally know who have been influenced by that book? How many hindu people you personally know who have not been influenced by that book? Don’t create a problem – we already live with enough problems!

(Monday, November 04, 2002)

HAHA, khub sabdhane kotha boilen !! kokhon je ke aabar aapnake 'Bhodrota Biborjito' kothar jonno dosarop kore thik nai

About that Pasting what should I say more?! Muslims ki aar sadhe din din pechon dike chole jach-che? bhetorer mul ghotona baad diye bairer sohoj drissomaan ghotona niye besto thakle er cheye aar ki bhalo porinoti hobe? books influence a lot, we all know that very well. But when it is matter of religion, if books really can influence then all ppl would be diverted to a single religion by this time ;hindu, muslim, chris whatever. Holy Quran is our 'Jibon Bidhan' but that doesn't meant that it can influence all other religions. Muslim are always muslims and Hindus are always hindus. er baire majhe majhe je ghotona aamra jante pari, that is nothing but exception.

(Monday, November 04, 2002)

i think this is not the question of getting influenced, rather question of instigation.
can you name a book written by a muslim depicted the same picture as this book did?
i just want to know if there is any. thanks.

(Monday, November 04, 2002)


(Monday, November 04, 2002)


(Monday, November 04, 2002)

Well I don’t spend my time trying to find out elements that can be used to instigate people to engage in a communal strife but on top of my mind there’s one name – quran which indirectly suggests that hindu people are sinners as they worship gods that come in different shapes and sizes! As you can see, it’s about mutual respect despite having differences, not trying to pick up fights. There are people like Dr. R. Singh in every religion – the key is to not to give them any importance as they don’t deserve any!

(Monday, November 04, 2002)

aapne aar aami importace na dile ki hobe, importance deyar pokh-khe-e to dekha jai supporter besi!!!

Rony Salman
(Monday, November 04, 2002)

God Himself has sent different religions and every religion formally has its exclusive basics and ethics, though most of them more or less advocate the same creeds (to tell a lie is sin, prayer of God, do good to other ppl.. etc. etc.). The differences lie mainly in the way the prayer is conducted and the history of creation (that too is not very different if we are talking about Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and the subsequent events onto the revelation of the respective religions. Obviously, every religion bars some ideologies/conducts believed and practiced by the formers.

Rony Salman
(Monday, November 04, 2002)

I definitely would go with the common notion of not bringing up those differences and having a debate of which is right and which is wrong as people have their deep-rooted and blindfolded beliefs in their own religions! However, if there is any attempt of maligning or attacking other religion, such as above, by any individuals, bringing it up to ppl’s notice is not meant for spreading hatred between the religions but making ppl aware and conscious about the ill desire behind the attempted malice! Even a sensible Hindu would find the above filthy and deliberate and wouldn’t support it at all! And the same goes for the other way around too; I would have never supported it had it been a Muslim agenda against the Hindus!!

(Monday, November 04, 2002)

it is good to know that 'quran' is instigating. it is also good to know what people have in their minds under the disguise of happiness, ha ha ha. and ofcourse it is good to know that not everybody is engaged in creating guide lines like 'All Hindus Wake Up.
people live in peace, don't go into pieces. thanks all.

(Tuesday, November 05, 2002)

We have had religious wars and communal strife because of people blinded by their religious faith. Judging from the responses here, the prospect still seems doom which is sad.

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