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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, November 01, 2002
From: M_megna
few says abt fasting

sawm or fasting …..
this ritual is observed in the month of Ramadan during daylight hours from dawn to dusk , for a period of 29 to 30 days . it ensures the compulsory abstinence from all worldly pleasures and materialistic wants , in short, eating, drinking and sex . As most of us know. It ensures practice of selflessness, if observed with sincerity... fasting makes hman realize tht he is depended on no one except his creator . Fasting upon elaboration shows us tht it has a deeper meaning. a method of self -purification and self -restraint . Tolerance is lslam 's universal message of utmost importance. Keeping a grip on ones desires, material needs, and other unnecessary wants is what fasting is all about. Putting a limit on yrself -checks and balance. Spiritual inspiration: fasting for ALLAH and keeping him in mind, tht he creates us and unto him we have to return, produces a feeling or fear as well as understanding of much higher level within oneself. Patience and virtue are qualities tht human has the ability to show at times. Greed, anger, revenge, lust all forms intolerance, make us commit numerous sins and acts of aggression. fasting involves not only the abstinence of evil but good as well. Basic needs of hunger and thirst are given up to strive to be better person and to seek Allah's happiness, and to seek tolerance. The fast teaches and trains man discipline, self-restrain generosity. Muslims gain the knowledge of spirituality and compassion through fasting.

People Discussion
(Saturday, November 02, 2002)

hmm didi roja ke 5th nah 6th theke suru

(Saturday, November 02, 2002)

maybe 6 th

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