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Saturday, July 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Saturday, October 12, 2002
From: polash
Vhandami 101, Bangladeshi Family and society

Bngladeshi Kids gets a Phd in pretending, cheating, lieing from the place they grow up in and from everything around them.
The way the crime is going up and the severity of the type of crime is becomming the norm, its time we as a nation start to look deep into our society to figure out what's the root cause of these problem is and try hard to fix these before everything goes totally out of control.
Its a proven fact that children gets the moral lesson from there family first and what they see in their home usually shape up their character. So, what a typical Bangladeshi Kid see in their home? In most cases they see their parents has no love for each other and arguing of fighting all the time but still they act infront of the outside world that everything is going great in their life.So, kids learnS to lie from their own parents. They see a lot of people around them are taking bribes and living well above their means. Trust me when we were growing up we knew how a custom officer was building a four story house?
Its funny that when parents catch their kids lieing they punish them for it, but they don't realize its not the kids fault they are just doing what they see everyone else around them doing it. I know some Bangali people alaways talk about the west like they are worse than our society. But at least these people don't live their life pretending to be happy when really they are miserable.They have the courage to get a divorce and be with someone they can be happy with. I had the pleasure of talking to some ladies who are not happy in their current marriage but they have no shortage of excuses for not getting a divorce.I get really puzzled when I see well educated woman giving up their own happiness so they can make the rest of the world to believe that they are happily married.These people are not fooling the world but only themselves. The kids can see the tension between their parets and that doesn't make them happy at all. So, the last word is be honest to yourself first then think about who is going to say what for how you choose to live your life. Its a proven fact that children from a loving and caring family does better in life in every possible way. So, the idea that you are doing this( staying with the wrong people ) for the children is not a good one, cause it does more harm to the kids than help them.I hope people will understand what will make them happy and they will make the necessary changes in their life to be happy. And they will not try to find the love and respect they don't get at home from outside and act like everything is just great. You got one life to live and live it the way it will make you happy. Stop fooling around with yourself and with everyone else.

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