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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, May 29, 2001
From: shuvrourog
keep it simple!!!

May be a little bit of end moment retouch would make the Neelbedona's
writing piece( "from megh to all users") more significant.Guessing what
was it snatching him hard from the keyboard!!!! Could be Could be ...
aha ..Bonjovi live in concert in Dhaka ;);).
Wild Dream ... nahh...not in these days.

Actually the thing Bulletin Board in the Internet comes from the
pretty much old concept of Community/School/Club/Company Bulletin Board.
So what was been published on the predecessors??????
It has been stated that from free puppies to having critical discussion
and so on and on ( no limit!!!!!) could be and were published.
By the rule of inheritence Internet Bulletin board is meant to accomplish
the same thing.So does it mean we can write anything ????
The best way to answer this query in a wider vision is something
like this..."There are no restrictions on content,
however, there are "Undefined" boundaries
that can be crossed that will result in
termination of a board."
So using the word "Crap" is a Crap in this context.
But there could be people who just don't wanted to be
that much general rather interested in much more
specific one and then they will categorized their board for
a particular subjects and want to go as far as they could within those
very subject.This is the dedicated version of the usual bulletin board.

If we look at our very own b2k bulletin board we will find it has the
subdivision capability and it gives us the opprtunity to be general
(writing in Miscellnious group) and specific(writing in named group)
at a time.By having this option in it b2k bulletin board encourages
people who wanted to brighten up the country's face, wanted to aware
other people, wanted to be a worthy part of the society and at the same
time it welcomes persons who are kind of casual and take writing as
"walking in the sleep".
Choose which portion is suited for you before throwing your comments.
Want to see yourself in the first type then write and discuss
on the "named group" else go for the second one.
Not happy with any of the category then just be a silent participator.
Do not discuss if it is something like imposing your view on others and have
nothing to do with the main

Keep it simple !!!

People Discussion
(Tuesday, May 29, 2001)

time has been changed a lot. so, for the time being my ass has changed its wild shoot too.. thats why i have written that piece of something.. ha ha ha.

(Tuesday, May 29, 2001)

Amro tai mone hoi. B2k likhar jonno bivinno group dieache.Sutorang je group e je rokom likha tar discussion gulo thik sei rokom howa uchit. Sekhne anything ekti group ache jekhane je kew je kono jinish likhte pare abong discussion korte pare like as a fun board, sekhane kobita, gaan, chithi, baktigoto bisoy likhte pare abong alochonay korte pare tate to kono dosher kichu nei.

Ar shob cheye mojar bisoy holo amra koyekjon B2k bulletin board er likha nieae ekta jhaki dieachilam bolei B2k te ajj likher poribesh sristy hocche. Jemon dhorun Shybal je kina gali chara kathai bole na seo kintu chomotkar topic lickche. Eta ki amader boro pawa noi. Amader jatir sonman amaderi rakhte hobe. Onno kono jati amader sonman toiry kore diye jabe na, ei kathati amder shokoler mone rakha uchit bole ami mone kori.

(Tuesday, May 29, 2001)

do u see nethin' what's really critical n meaningful to discuss abt.......what we r askin' last several dayssssssssss????????

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