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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, October 07, 2002
From: jannat
Shame on Muslims - Smokers

Shame on Muslims - Smokers

1. Total World Population : 6.5 Billion

2. Total Muslims in the world : 2 Billion

3. Total Smokers in the world : 1.15 billion

4. Total muslim smokers in the world : 400 million

5. Largest Cigarette maker is Phillip Morris

6. Phillip Morris donates 12% profits to Israel

7. Muslim money to Morris $800 million DAILY

8. Average profit margin is 10%

9. Average profit for Morris is $80 million DAILY

10. Thus $9.6 million of Muslim money goes to Israel

11. Yes EVERY SINGLE DAY 3.5 Billion a year

12. Maybe we could pass this on to other muslims -

13. Especially the to the Muslim smokers...

14. Not to mention what damage their money is doing to our Ummah and the health of the Muslim generation.

People Discussion
(Monday, October 07, 2002)

There is a very common and popular logical term you can find in any Bengali logic book. That is, Rabindranath had beard, A goat has beard, So, Rabindranath was a goat !!!
It is really a very silly matter for blaming muslims. If you really want to blame muslims then blame them for taking Bribe, Dowry. Blame them for Rape, murder. Say, same on come they drink Alcohol ? good luck

sagol sana
(Monday, October 07, 2002)

i quite from today

(Monday, October 07, 2002)

thank you for your wonderful comment..i agree with u...

(Wednesday, October 09, 2002)

I totally agree with Jannat. He made a very bold and interesting point.

(Wednesday, October 09, 2002)

Well done jannat. Very interesting!!! I am going to pass this information to anybody I know.
I also think that ‘I_am_J’ needs to take some logic lessons (I would recommend philosophy 101). I am not even going to waste my time in showing what kind of dumb logic ‘I_am_J’ came up with and ironically got even a dumber supporter called ‘SOULS’.
What Jannat is saying is that as Muslims we should take responsibility for all our actions. We should be ashamed for any sins that we commit. And so nice of him that he made his point by giving us a good example. There is no scope for pick and choose (as ‘I_am_J’ is recommending us to pick Bribe, murder as shameful act but not smoking)

By the way I am a smoker and I feel ashamed for what I have been doing.

(Wednesday, October 09, 2002)

well ozone, as you've mentioned 'philosophy 101' so, i can take that you have already finished this course, not only this basic lavel, more than that. Then it is not very hard to understand how much intelligent (!) you are. It is very natural for a Busy Philosopher like you to understand simple example.
Either you didn't read jannat's and my posting or you couldn't understand what we both wanted so say. Jannat's posting was only focusing smokers. There was no business with other 'action'. Your point is very true, We should be ashamed for any sins that we commit. But was Jannat's posting really represents examples for all other sins? Just look at the Subject. Only Smokers!!!

(Wednesday, October 09, 2002)

And about my posting, I don't know where did you find that funny recommendation about picking bribe but not smoking. I just wanted to say that smoking is a very silly matter in front of other sins. that doesn't mean smoking is not a sin or a shameful act. It is also a shameful act but no one should say, "shame on Muslims" only for smoking when the Muslims are doing so many unfogiveable sins. smoking is like a drop of water in front of Rape.
Thank you for recommending 'phi 101'. I am sorry that I can't recommend anything like that as you've already finished this kind of stuffs. But I can say one thing, Read carefully and understand something before going to make a comment on that.

(Wednesday, October 09, 2002)

I think the Middle East countries should stop selling oil to the US then! Because in a way, that might be considered a sin too! Oh my when will people grow up!

(Thursday, October 10, 2002)

HAHA, not only oil, As Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country, so BD should also stop Importing Food and daily need things from India, Doesn't matter BD ppl have something to eat or not, have to consider the Sin & shameful act. And no muslims also go abroad for study, as their money will go to the non-muslims.
Thanks to you, atleast there are some ppl like you and SOULS who can get it, whats the funny thing is going on.

(Thursday, October 10, 2002)

I think I have hurt your feelings and apologize for that. I shouldn’t have used the word ‘Dumb’ because you are not (same applies to SOULS). Everybody has a right to think from his/her paradigm.

I was little emotional and I bet you felt that from my comment. From my perspective I was thinking that today Muslims are being slaughtered in all corners of the world. Even by Muslims themselves. As if being Muslim or talking about Islam has become a taboo. It is painful to see how the greatest face of Islam is being continuously disfigured by the media, by other religions and ironically also by us.

To conclude, I must say that I took jannat’s comment as an analogy which we can apply in our daily lives. Sometimes we do harm to ourselves without ever knowing and that is the deeper meaning that I got out of his comment.

Thanks for everybody’s participation.

(Friday, October 11, 2002)

I- am _j I think jannat point is about Israil. Phillip morris pay the profit to Israily so the posting is here.

(Friday, October 11, 2002)

ozone, thank you very much for your comments. Thanks for finishing that unwanted misunderstandings.
yup cactus, i also know that it is about Israel. But i felt hurt when i read that 'shame on muslims' only for smoking. Religion is not that much easy, is it ?

(Friday, October 11, 2002)

why specially muslim smokers???!! does smoking cause any less harm to any other religion smoker??!!

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