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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, October 05, 2002
From: shishirer_swobdo
valobasi valobasi..

beche achhi aajo hoito tai
machhi taranor moto dui`haate adhar sorai,
porom bishwase ei sheetol mejhete buk ghosi
chitkar kore boli: valobasi aajo valobasi....

-khan md. farabii

People Discussion
(Saturday, October 05, 2002)

" sheetol mejhete buk ghoshi"..

(Saturday, October 05, 2002)

...apni ki reptile family r member naki??

(Sunday, October 06, 2002)

Thats one of the funniest responses i saw in this board!

Perhaps there is another explanation agent 69. Maybe this person was going through some intense period of loadshading. So his electric mosquito-killer wasnt working and lookin for a "moshari" in darkness, poor dude slipped on the floor. This may have caused a temporary hallucination where he thought of himself as a reptile and wrote those lines.


(Sunday, October 06, 2002)

oi linegulo Khan Md. Farabi'r kobitar ongsho..
farabi '70-er doshoker ek jon kobi,prabondhik chhilen.. tini sringkholito manusher mukti oo samogrik valobasae bishwasi chhilen. tar kobitae sei kothaguloi sposhto.
chhatro jibon shesh hoaar aagei tini mrittuboron koren- protibhabaan,medhabii toruner okaale prosthan : bedonamoe..

aapnader replygulo hoito mojar..kintu thhik mene neya jae naa emon prekhkhite...
vul jaigae quote korar jonno dukhkhito.

(Wednesday, October 09, 2002)

Amra ashchi potor potor korte. Md. Farabii er kobita porte ashi nai. tobe apnar dookhito howar kono karon nai. Eije, ei kobita niye potor potor holo, amra moja pelam. Etaoto bhalo!
Ar ekta quote koren to

(Wednesday, October 09, 2002)

so cruel, mr. potor_potor.

joto khushi potor potor kor chhagoler bachcha.. kobita tore porte koise ke? aar ei board-e ki aage kokhono kobita quote kora hoeni?

potor potor start now...

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