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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, October 02, 2002
From: Unknown
````!!!!```` A simple wish at Fasi bhai's Birthday ````!!!!````

Brother's one of the nicest thin' that can happen to anyone nnn its not necessary to be blood related(he's someone to laugh with nnn share with........he's someone who helps in the rough times nn know when ya need a warm smile....who 'll listen when ya just want to talk for a while)

ya rrrrr a very special nn it really means a lot to me(easy to talk to nn fun to be well as warm n carin')!!!!!!! today yaa rrr wished a day filled with all the joy a day can brin' all the love a heart can hold.....nnnnn the kind of birthday ya deserve(alon' with Rajkonna), a day that's every bit as wonderful as ya rrrrrrrr, kamla vhai)

~~~~it means so much to 've a wonderful brooo like yaaaaaaaa, fasi vhaiii~~~

Happy Birth Day

sendin' warm thoughts to brighten ur day n hope ya 'll treat urself gently......nnn btw, kota candle blow korba ajjj, kamla vhaiiiii?

People Discussion
(Wednesday, October 02, 2002)

bhaya...happy birthday :)

(Wednesday, October 02, 2002)

bhaya...happy birthday :)

(Wednesday, October 02, 2002)

onek oenk shubhechchha.....tob-e ei din ta ekhon theke bhule jabaa'r cheshta korun bhaia...noile buro hoye jaachchhen...mone porbe beshi kore ...bhalo thakun bhaia..oneeeeek bhalo

(Thursday, October 03, 2002)

HAPPY BIRTH DAY bhiya..ami lateeeeeeee!!!!!sorry

(Thursday, October 03, 2002)

Happy birthday to you fasi bhai......

(Saturday, October 05, 2002)

sorry fasi bhaiya deri hobar jonno,ami ektu busy tai temon ekta b2k te asa hoi na.sorry again.
asha kori tomar ae mulloban dinti somoy n tomar rajkonna tomake aro mulloban kore diyecchulo

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