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Thursday, September 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, September 12, 2002
From: vanity_press
BUD-WIS-ERRR ( The Fly Story)

The following story was shared among three Budwiser frogs:

Once upon a time there was a Fly lived in a small village. Things were going well and everybody was happy. One day out of the blue the Fly announced that he wanted to be a comedian. This news of his sudden career change spread like a wild fire among the villagers. Because everybody in the village knew that the Fly couldn’t tell a joke, let alone be a comedian in front of an audience. The villagers thought the Fly would be better off doing his usual job – going after smelly, dirty things and what not. But the Fly wouldn’t listen to the villagers. So, one evening the villagers gathered up to listen to Fly’s jokes. What a pathetic sight that was. The Fly couldn’t stand still, let alone tell a joke. The ants were crawling up his legs all the way to his ..., (you know where) and biting the jesus out of him. Instead of telling a joke the Fly was jumping all over the podium. Having seen his (FLY) awful performance, the villagers were disgusted and sad at the same time. They were saying to themselves, “he should have stuck to his regular job”. But luckily for them there was a Frog sitting in the front row. The Frog just couldn’t take it anymore. He was just as disgusted as everyone else was and not to mention he was hungry too. He (Frog) thought to himself, “I’ll get this little creature out of his misery”. So, he stretched his tongue, caught the Fly and swallowed it. There you have it. The Fly not only loses his career, but his life too.
1st Frog: BUD...
2nd Frog: WIS...
3rd Frog: ERRRRRRRR...

People Discussion
(Friday, September 13, 2002)

LOL! Hey Vanity you will shine as a copywriter unless you are already working as one :-)!

(Saturday, September 14, 2002)

hahha hahha haha... good one VP!!!... but you should have seen me on that stage when the Antz attacked... I was all over the place... I was jumping... and twirling... and moonwalking... and disco dancing...
...I am a disco dancer... ta ta taah taaa... nacho, ghumo or meri sat aaoo... I am a disco dancer...
Britney, John Travolta AND Mithun Chakroborty... all turned into green frogs with envy and tried to eat me up... ZAP... got a tongue job from Britney...
BUD... Saabz waz... wiizzeerrr....
She caught hold of that Britney and put a spear through her belly button and dragged out the FLY... and that my Vanity Fair reading friend... is how the Saabz and FLY started leaving happily ever after... Britney had a flat stomach... and Vanity Press' career as a journalist seeing only half the picture ended!!...

(Monday, September 16, 2002)

Good lord!! U two have quite some imagination ... except for Vanity's ants-up-fly's-pantz part and Fly's britney spears fascination ...they r both quite disturbing ... anyhoo ... I think HAHA is right ...I'll ask my boss if we cud hire u guys ... we cud really do sumthin' with ur whackiness at our shop!!

(Tuesday, September 17, 2002)

ah but as long as you think antz up the FLY's pantz is more exciting than Britney's belly button or VP's bald patch!!

(Tuesday, September 17, 2002)

hahahahahahaha ... oh ... stop!! U r killin' me!!!!

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